A Little Birdie Told Us New Cycling Trails are Open in NWA

January 20, 2021

Arts & Culture

OZCast Highlighting the Diverse Voices of NWA

OZCast is an online creative variety show that centers on "Creativity as Resilience" by celebrating local and national artists from NWA and beyond.

  • The project features artists producing work in their fields, while also contributing their personal voice to their communities. They come from a variety of backgrounds including dance, culinary, textile, music, social practice, video, spoken word, graphic novels, sculpture and more.
  • By sharing their stories, OZCast hopes to address the prevalent issues of today — from racial inequality and immigration rights, to public health and environmental stewardship. -OZCast
  • OZCast is a project of the CACHE program and is partnered with Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, the Momentary, OZ Art, and more.

Local Government

Fayetteville City Council Considers Property Annex

Last week, Fayetteville City Council members toured a property located between Zion Road and Highway 265 as potential annexation.

  • The property sits near a creek, which is a concern for the city council as it presents drainage issues and the potential for runoff from Hilton Creek, which could damage the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • "There are several properties in the county that have experienced flooding, and so the council wanted to make sure they could get a feel for how the creek flows and see the land itself,” Jonathan Curth of City Council, said. -5 News
  • If the property checks out and is approved by the city, it could be developed into a variety of businesses and multi-family homes.


Marshallese Chef Judy Tatios is Spicing Up NWA

Chef Judy Tatios was born and raised in Orange County, California. Her parents were immigrants from the Marshall Islands that eventually settled in Costa Mesa. Tatios now calls Springdale home and says the move was the "best decision he's ever made."

  • Bio: Tatios has worked in the culinary industry for over 10 years, driven by the collaborations, creativity and relationships that food creates.
  • Currently: The Chef Tatios is very involved in the community, having recently worked on on a dinner drive through event for The Jones Center campus redesign, which featured a fusion of Marshallese and High South cuisine in collaboration with Brightwater. - Finding NWA
  • What's cookin': The one dish Tatios would like to introduce to the NWA region is a traditional Marshallese dish called "Tu & Bobo", consisting of two skewers of gizzard and turkey served with rice balls.
  • Standing together: Tatios said he loves how caring the NWA community is toward the Marshallese people. "Everyone works to help one another, which is so heartwarming." he said.

She has plans to open her first restaurant this Spring called “Street Iakwe, Eulala” and will be the first Marshallese Chef to do so in NWA. It's 8am and I'm already hungry...

NWA Real Estate

As NWA Grows, Housing Market Tightens?

NWA Daily

According to local realtors, the housing climate right now is very much a seller's market. However, as many homes are being sold the same day as they are listed, others are expressing concerns over the pandemic.

  • Mike Warner, President of the NWA Board of Realtors says that although more people are moving to the area, many residents are afraid to put their house on the market because they are worried they won't be able to find one. -KNWA/Fox24
  • Warner also mentioned that contractors can't build homes fast enough to match pace with the influx of people, and some are having supply issues.
  • 2021 is already forecasted to be an unpredictable year for buyers, with housing costs estimated to rise around 8 percent due to this high demand.


All Cyclist Are Welcome

NWA Daily

Gear up, the NWA Trailblazers have announced the re-construction of the Tweety Bird biking trail that will adhere to adaptive biking standards making it one of the first in the region.

  • When the update is complete, the trail will become more accessible to riders and trail users as a whole regardless of physical ability. Progressive Trail Design will be the contractor for the project. Path closures are to be expected over the next five weeks as construction is already underway.
  • In addition, new trailhead and parking area are now open at the Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area in conjunction with the Monument Trails system.

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