Standing Tall

November 11, 2021

Sponsored by Strider

First Strides


Strider exists with a mission to build bikes suitable for any child, regardless of size or ability, to help develop two-wheel balance and confidence in themselves.

  • In store: The first ever Strider retail store is in Downton Bentonville offering the full Strider experience. Kids can customize their own bike, work at a child friendly work station, and ride on an (kid friendly) indoor ramp in the store. 
  • Ride: The products built by Strider focus on the quality fit and function for every rider. Since the company was founded in 2007, Strider has sold over 3m bikes to families in 75 countries. Exclusive Strider events portray the community that continues to form.

Learn more about Strider Bentonville HERE

Arts & Entertainment

Show Time

NWA Daily

Alright movie lovers, the 13th annual Fayetteville Film Festival begins tomorrow (Nov. 11) and has a variety of films to take you through the weekend. 

  • Showing: The event this year includes 10 narrative and documentary features and 40 short films. The festival will be held at the UA Global Campus Theatre and the Pryor Center on the Fayetteville square.
  • Two ways to play: For those of you who want the full experience, the Film Festival will open with a block party at the Pryor Center. There will be in person Q&A with the filmmakers and panels discussions. If in-person gatherings isn't your thing, you can also participate online.

For more information, click HERE


A Trip Out West

NWA Daily

Have you been to Siloam Springs in a while? It’s quite a gem of a town with plenty to do.  

  • On the move: There is the Sager Creek Mountain Bike Trail on the campus of John Brown University which connects to city trails taking you across town. You can stroll down the beautiful Main Street or if you're brave enough, you should check out the kayak park.
  • Take a stroll: Downtown is full of unique shops and good food. We'd recommend Pour Jon's coffee for a warm drink and place to cozy up in, or an afternoon beer at the local craft Ivory Bill Brewing.

Learn more about your neighbor, Siloam Springs HERE


Better Living

NWA Daily

Local businesses in Northwest Arkansas are investing millions of dollars to support affordable housing in the area. 

  • Spreading affordability: A $40m investment is being made through the NWA Regional Fund and will go toward a total of 5 development sites — 2 in Fayetteville, 2 in Springdale, and 1 in Bentonville. 
  • For community: The developments are meant to address the needs of those who are struggling with high housing costs, and who are past, present, and future people critical to the region's success. In sum there will be 345 new rental units that will be 49% below average market rent.

Read the full story HERE


Flying Low

NWA Daily

For those of you thinking about traveling for the holidays, this year has a track record of low air fares. 

  • Seasons are changing: Earlier this year at Northwest Arkansas National Airport (XNA), travelers were saving $114 per ticket in comparison to previous years. However, since the end of 2020, domestic fares have slowly and steadily increased in price. 
  • Cheap flying: Though fares are slowly rising, XNA has a far higher number of low-cost carriers than ever before, offering competitive deals that are tough to beat by surrounding metros.

Learn more about the flights offered and flight trends HERE

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