Arkansas (Athletics) Will Never Yield

February 17, 2021


Slow Streets Set to Return in 2021


Slow Streets NWA is a program created in response to the increased need for more outdoor space and use of NWA trails, sidewalks, and parks during the COVID 19 pandemic. The program's goal is to make neighborhood streets safer to walk and bike, especially in areas with fewer sidewalks, allowing for optimal social distancing.

  • In April 2020, BikeNWA encouraged NWA officials for additional solutions to make social distancing outdoors easier and safer. Slow Streets Bentonville launched in April and has now expanded to Fayetteville and Rogers. Slow Streets is planning to return in May of 2020.
  • Those wanting to provide feedback can take the survey. Any questions regarding this initiative can be sent to


Dating During a Pandemic: Zooming into Love

NWA Daily

Valentine's Day has come and gone, and for most singles, dating during a pandemic has been nothing short of a challenge. The Arkansas Traveler interviewed four Arkansas singles about changes to their dating lives and how they've adapted to COVID-19 restrictions to find that special someone.

  • Dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Hinge are one of the main ways 20-year-old Vince Guthrie, a Fayetteville resident, is looking to find friends and form relationships with potential partners.
  • An August 2020 survey by Singles in America found that many singles in the US have drawn new rules for themselves and their dates when meeting up in person. Over 20 percent insist that both partners must be wearing a mask at all times and adhering to social distancing guidelines.
  • Carter Brooks, a junior at the U of A, said he requires any date to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test. “Once that happens, I pick a place outside to hang out for the first time. After that, we can progressively start doing stuff inside and in close proximity," he said. -Arkansas Traveler
  • 38.8 percent of all respondents in the Singles in America survey said they were not ready to have in-person dates yet, thinking it was too soon.


Severe Weather Update: Power Outages & Forecast

NWA Daily

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on Groundhog Day and boy was he right...winter is definitely still here. Monday saw a number of road closures and power outages in NWA, and 40/29 Chief Meteorologist Darby Bybee says more snow is on the way, along with blisteringly cold temperatures.

  • Power outages: More than 3,000 people were affected by yesterday's 1pm power outage in Fayetteville. Power was restored by SWEPCO around 2pm. SWEPCO also mentioned that customers should be prepared for power outages as severe weather continues over the next few days.
  • Slick roads: 40/29 News also reported via Twitter that Fort Smith has seen a number of dangerously slick roads. Stay safe out there!
  • Attention drivers: Benton County road crews are asking drivers to stay off the roads if at all possible. "The colder it gets, the more difficult it is to clear the roads," officials said. -40/29 News
  • Schools: A number of schools in NWA and the River Valley are moving to virtual and online learning on Tuesday. School districts include: Bentonville, Cameron, Cedarville, Charleston, County Line, Decatur, Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Gravette, Gentry, Greenwood, Liberty, Moffett, Roland, Shady Point, Siloam Springs, West Fork. -40/29 News
  • Forecast: As of yesterday evening, more snow and air temperatures well below zero are in the forecast for today as well. Stay up to date by the hour, HERE.


NWA Companies Make "America's Best Mid-Sized Employers" List

NWA Daily

Northwest Arkansas stood out in Forbes annual review of America's Best Mid-Sized Employers List with three companies landing in the top 500.

  • Simmons Foods is the highest ranking company in Arkansas at 57th overall. Located in Siloam Springs, Simmons Foods has over 7,000 employees and focuses on pet foods, animal nutrition, and prepackaged and pre-labeled foods.
  • The University of Arkansas was listed in the rankings at 373rd. With 17,000+ employees, this was the only educational organization listed in Arkansas.
  • Breaking the top 500 by a mere thread of a truck tire, was ArcBest located in Fort Smith. With around 13,000 employees, this long standing company focuses on trucking and freight.

Methodology? Forbes used the market research firm, Statista to compile our list by surveying 50,000 Americans working for businesses with at least 1,000 employees. The final 500 midsize employers that received the most recommendations were listed HERE.


Razorback Athletics Live to Fight Another Year

NWA Daily

Due mostly to disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the U of A Athletic Department has reported a nearly double-digit decline in revenue for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. However, despite the circumstances, the university came within about $500,000 of breaking even - which is no small feat considering the magnitude fo the top-line gap it had to fill.

  • The department's total revenue for FY 2020 was $123.35 million, down 10.2 percent from $137.49 million in FY 2019, according to the university’s revenue and expense report.
  • The NCAA also cancelled the highly profitable men's basketball tournament in 2020, leaving Arkansas' revenue distribution portion down 62 percent ($3.22 million to $1.22 million).
  • Athletic contributions took a backseat this year as well, bringing in $17.9 million in 2020, compared to $22.63 in 2019.
  • Arkansas Football brought in the bulk of the department's total revenue, accounting for nearly 57 percent ($70.28 million), down from $75.75 million last year.
  • Arkansas Baseball revenue was down 42 percent ($3.86 million), with $4.69 million in expenses. Last year the team actually profited (which is rare in NCAA Division I baseball), earning $6.71 million in 2019, against expenses of $5.87 million.
  • Finally, the university reported ticket sales in 2020 totaled $34.5 million, down nearly 15 percent from $40.5 million in 2019. -Talk Business & Politics

In addition, Arkansas’ athletic department is self-sustaining and takes no student fees or taxpayer support. Here's to a more hopeful athletic season in 2021 - Let's go Hogs!

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