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July 21, 2021

Restaurant News

Buzzing About

NWA Daily

A restaurant in Bentonville has been named as one of the must-stop places to eat in Arkansas. The Hive, located in the 21c Museum Hotel, boasts refined southern cuisine that has mouths watering across the nation.

Find out what the buzz is all about by reading the article HERE.

Outdoor Activities

Tips for a Successful Summer

NWA Daily

Trails around NWA are calling, and the summer heat is giving its answer. Whether you're biking, walking, hiking, or running, OZ Trails has some helpful tips to beat the heat while on the trails.

  • Under the sun: Mosquitos, chiggers, and ticks are all native to the region and can be tough to manage. There are quite a few effective ways to repel these insects while you're out having fun on the trails.
  • Managing heat: The southern summer sun is no joke, but these summer tips can help keep you a bit cooler as you enjoy the outdoors.

You can find all of OZ Trails Summer Safety Tips HERE.

Real Estate

The Cost of Quality

NWA Daily

A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers revealed a new initiative to prevent flooding by acquiring land from private property owners to improve the Beaver Reservoir Flood Pool.

  • The proposition: The Corps of Engineers is proposing a plan to purchase shoreline property to "better maintain flood control and water quality". The project has obtained federal funding to seek appeasements on 500 parcels of land around the lake.
  • The opposition: Despite the potential positive impact, many landowners are against the acquisition of their land by the Corps. Some have established and signed a petition to prevent these acquisitions.

You can hear more about the proposed project HERE.

Arts & Culture

Time to Shine

NWA Daily

The Walton Arts Center is inviting artists in the community to submit art for the venue's first regional art show this fall. The exhibition hopes be the first in the area to showcase the many artists working in and around NWA.

  • A call for regional art: Submissions for the exhibition will be open until Aug. 1 and can include various forms of visual art. Applicants can provide a short bio with their pieces and are encouraged to display the best of their works from the year of the pandemic.
  • About the show: With so much talent in the region, the WAC is excited to put NWA on display. The gallery will open on Sept. 30 and will remain open through early November.

Find out more about art submissions and the purpose of the regional art show HERE.


Rolling Forward

Main Street Siloam Springs

In Arkansas, trucking is a big deal. The industry supports one of every ten people working in the state and will soon support the education of 77 high school graduates in pursuit of careers in trucking technology.

  • The next generation: The Arkansas Trucking Association and Simmons Food Inc. are giving a combined $167,500 in scholarships to students pursuing education "in medium- and heavy-duty trucking technology." More than half of the recipients are from NWA.
  • Driving success: In addition, Simmons, a family-owned business based in Siloam Springs, has given $1.3mm to almost 1,200 students through grants since the scholarship program began.

Read more about the scholarships HERE.

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