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August 11, 2021


Let's Go Flying

NWA Daily

Summit Aviation in Bentonville is making flying fun and easy while changing the culture of backcountry flying in NWA.

  • 30,000ft view: AOPA caught wind of this unique experience and featured Summit Aviation in its publication. With help from Fly OZ, which is a network of backcountry Ozark grass airfields, flying in the Ozarks is an unforgettable activity.
  • Uniquely Arkansas: Fly OZ offers classes and memberships that allow students and aviators to fly between 64 Ozark airfields. Each destination provides a special Arkansas experience to flyers from across the country.

You can find the full write-up about the local airport HERE.

In the News

A Great Stay-cation

NWA Daily

Bentonville is home to great food, art, coffee, and culture, so it's no surprise it landed on City Lifestyle Magazine's radar as a great weekend getaway destination!

  • The itinerary: City Lifestyle out of Kansas City made its way down to Bentonville recently, compiling a list of a few places that make Bentonville, well...Bentonville. From CBMAA to breweries to hotels and more, a weekend spent like this would be unforgettable and full of fun for the whole family.
  • Sharing secrets: NWA is becoming a must-stop location on road trips and bucket lists nationwide, described as the "silent assassin of a U.S. cultural town."

If you ever needed recommendations of places or things to do in Bentonville, you can find them HERE.


Special Election Day

NWA Daily

Today is a special election day in Fayetteville. Voters have the opportunity to provide their input on whether or not the city should renew its one-cent sales tax.

  • Nothing new: Implemented in 1993, and renewed twice since that date, the question on the table is whether it should be renewed again. Annually, the tax generates around $22.5m, split between a general operation fund and a capital improvement fund.
  • Before you vote: If it fails, many of the city's basic operations will be forced to scale back significantly. Most of the money from this tax goes towards salaries for city employees and up to 150 jobs could be lost.

Read more about Fayetteville's one-cent sales tax and where to vote HERE.


Links in the Chain


One plus one is greater than two. That's what Fayetteville based tech company SupplyPike is hoping, as it has acquired Bentonville-based Supplier Community.

  • Better together: SupplyPike is a technology company in the supply chain space, and Supplier Community is a platform that brings suppliers and retailers together and aims to educate them.
  • To Walmart and beyond: Supplier Community's resources will be integrated into SupplyPike's, SupplierWiki, a free knowledge database for suppliers.

You can read more about the local acquisition HERE.


Empowering Women in Business

The Northwest Arkansas Business Women's Conference is back for the 23rd year of unifying and empowering the region's business environment through the voices of women in the area.

  • Who, where, and when: The conference, which is set to take place Sept. 13-15, will be spread across four venues in NWA with in-person and virtual events. Speakers will consist of "the most influential voices in the industry," including CEOs, authors, and entrepreneurs.
  • Laying a foundation: The goal of the conference is to equip women in NWA to take questions and ideas back into their businesses, spurring further growth and perspective in the region's growing industry.

You can find out more about the NWA Business Women's Conference HERE.

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