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November 5, 2021

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Two Weeks ’Til Launch

Matchstick Studio

November and December are the two busiest months for online traffic. If your website is out of date, running slow, or not optimized for mobile, it’s not too late to make significant improvements before the holiday rush.

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Start the process HERE.


Who's Going?

NWA Daily

We’re sure most of you know, but the Razorback basketball season is about to begin, and there are lots of new pregame initiatives to look forward to. 

  • Before tip-off: There will be giveaways, happy hour, pre-game routines from the team, and all sorts of fun. The first game is on Nov. 9
  • Full house: Bud Walton Arena is completely sold out through this entire season, which hasn’t happened since 2001. If you have a ticket and can’t make the game, you can transfer it to someone who can attend through the Razorback app. 

Click HERE for details about the pre-game updates. 

Food & Drink

Olympics Come to NWA

NWA Daily

Did you know there is an Olympics for cooking? That’s right. And the Brightwater Center at Northwest Arkansas Community College will host team USA as they practice for the 2024 competition.

  • The scale: The American Culinary Federation Culinary Team USA will compete in the 2024 Culinary Olympics, which is the “largest and most diverse” international culinary exhibition in the world with 2,000 chefs cooking from 7,000 menus. 
  • The exhibition: Brightwater is hosting the Olympic team Nov. 8-9, where invited guests will eat the practice dishes and Brightwater students will assist the pros. Local restaurants will have opportunity to watch demonstrations as well. 

Read the full story HERE


Flying Farther

C Cagnin

Fayetteville-based charter company Jett Aircraft is seeking approval to fly internationally to provide a service in the wave of the pandemic. 

  • Expanding: The aircraft company is based at Drake Field and currently has two airplanes. It is expecting to acquire two more in 2022. The company does charter flights around the US and is looking to be able to fly to South America, Canada, and the Caribbean. 
  • Private travel: Jett Aircraft is a "strong competitor for all the major 135 carriers in the U.S.” and has customers across the nation. The company has offered professional and personalized flights since its founding in 2011.

Read the Talk Business & Politics story HERE.


City Pride

NWA Daily

It’s the first week of November, which means it’s the week of our favorite Friday of the month: First Friday in Bentonville. 

  • The theme: This Friday’s theme is “Our Bentonville.” It will be a celebration of community, connection, and the history of the town we’ve all come to admire with featured photos and memorabilia of the city’s past. 
  • The event: The NWA Space and Science Center will be present with demonstrations for learning about how science impacts us daily. A bigger and better beer garden is being prepared, and the food, music, and shopping will be just as ready for you as ever. 

For more details, click HERE

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