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October 29, 2021

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Regional News

How We're Doing

NWA Daily

The NWA 2021 State of the Region Report was released yesterday. The report compares the economic conditions of the region with other high-performing areas. 

  • Doing well: The report shows the regional status in areas like domestic products, employment, unemployment, and wages. Overall the economic conditions show improvement after the height of Covid pandemic levels.
  • Room to grow: The area NWA needs to improve is in housing affordability. The average NWA household spends more on housing and transportation than any of its peer regions.

You can read the full report HERE.

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Local For You


What if shopping locally was as easy as ordering on Amazon? It can be with Rejoicy.

  • For the consumers: By shopping with Rejoicy, you get the farmers market selection of local products and more with over 40 Northwest Arkansas businesses represented. On top of that, there is free delivery every Saturday morning if you place your order by noon on Friday.
  • For the businesses: This is a great, convenient way to empower your community by buying local and supporting your neighbors. Businesses can set up an online shop on Rejoicy in just a few clicks or by using text messaging.

Shop Rejoicy HERE


Funding For America

NWA Daily

The Benton County Quorum Court is moving forward with the allocation of the a portion of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds. 

  • Initiative: The ARP was set in place to provide funds to the nation to keep communities afloat during the pandemic. Benton County will receive $54m over the course of 2 years. 
  • Allocation: The AMP committee voted to give a large portion to fire departments, $1.5m to employees who worked through the pandemic, and other improvements. There have been 25 applications for funding submitted.

Read more about the allocation of funds HERE


HER Business Journey

NWA Daily

Calling all women who work in business! On Nov. 4, there is a free networking event in Bentonville at the Greenway Office Park you might be interested in.

  • Eat, drink, and meet: The event is a happy hour from 5:30-7:30pm for making connections with other women business leaders and owners. There will be specific introductions of local women who recently opened a business in Bentonville, and you’ll be able to hear their stories.
  • Continued: The event is part of the HER Entrepreneur Journey series Startup Junkie began in 2019.

Learn more and register for free HERE. Cheers!


Building Slowly

Heartland Forward

Earlier this week, Bentonville think tank Heartland Forward released a report of the entrepreneurial status of each state. Here were some of the findings...

  • Results for now: The report shows that a few states in the heartland are leading in the top 25. 16 heartland states held positions in the bottom 20. The rankings are expected to shift, and the Heartland Forward team made an interactive calculator to follow it. 
  • The work: The “lag” of the heartland states is not new, nor surprising. That is why Heartland Forward does what it does. The organization works at “supporting entrepreneurs to help drive the economy.” 

See the full report HERE

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