Cloudy With A Chance Of Vampires

March 10, 2023

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The Outfield At Baum Walker Wouldn't be Complete Without Tater Guy

NWA Daily

If you've been following Razorbacks baseball, you might have noticed a man waving a giant potato sign in the outfield. Don't be alarmed; that's just Tater Guy! 

  • Po-ta-toes: Tater Guy, also known as Dallas Bartholomew, told 4029 News that it all started when he yelled "Eat your taters!" at Carson Shaddy, who played second base from 2015-2017, and the joke just stuck. 
  • For the hogs: Bartholomew and his giant potato sign have since become a staple part of Hog Pen, and over the years, he's earned the affectionate title: Tater Guy.

Keep up with Tater Guy on Instagram HERE.

Sponsored by Downtown Springdale Alliance

LIVE! at Turnbow Concert Series Returns In April 

Downtown Springdale Alliance

LIVE! at Turnbow Concert Series is returning for the 2023 season with the high-energy cover band Funk Factory on Apr 27 at 6:30p, bringing live music to Downtown Springdale's Outdoor Dining District.

  • Monthly shows: The free outdoor concert series will feature the region's talented bands and musicians at Turnbow Park on the last Thursday of each month from Apr through Sept.
  • Open late: Turnbow Park is just a short walk away from local restaurants, bars, and stores — many of these businesses will stay open late for the concert so you can shop, eat, and explore Downtown Springdale to the sound of live music.

Check out the entire season's calendar of free concerts HERE.


Fayetteville-Filmed House Of Darkness Showing At Malco Razorback Cinema

The Dromborg

Fayetteville Film Festival and Arkansas Cinema Society are hosting a screening of

House of Darkness next Wednesday, Mar 15, at 6p at the Malco Razorback Cinema in Fayetteville

  • A vampire weekend: The vampire thriller starring Justin Long and Kate Bosworth was filmed at the secluded Dromborg Castle in Fayetteville and was produced by local film studio Rockhill Studios.
  • Real estate: By the way, if you happen to be in the market for a castle where you could live out your own vampire-themed fantasies, it just so happens the Dromborg is for sale.

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased online HERE.


St. Louis Developer Invests $100m Into NWA Whole Health Housing Projects

NWA Daily

St. Louis developer Rob Goltermann's new real estate company Road Trip Development is investing over $100m in Northwest Arkansas projects.

  • Healthy housing: The innovative multifamily brand is centered around physical and mental health, providing programming and amenities like meditation rooms, secret gardens, infrared saunas, and cold plunge pools to create communities where wellness, art, and health converge.
  • On the way: The first project, called The Claude, is already under construction in Fayetteville with a 207-unit apartment complex on College Ave, and two more projects are in the works for Bentonville – a five-unit pocket community and a 250-unit multifamily development.

Read more on these developments in Talk Business & Politics HERE.


Dark & Stormy Pop Up Bar Opening Tonight At TheatreSquared


The skies look Dark & Stormy at TheatreSquared, where the rooftop Walker Rehearsal Room has been transformed into an immersive light-and-sound installation with a pop-up bar featuring RAMMY award-winning bartender Adam Bernbach.

  • Hey, bartender: Enjoy thunder, electricity, and cloud-themed cocktails from Washington Post "Best Bartender" recipient Adam Bernbach such as the Burning Shipwreck Old Fashioned or the Partly Cloudy Colada.
  • Run inside: The Dark & Stormy pop-up bar is open to the public with seating given on a first-come, first-served basis, and will be open Thurs through Sat evenings from 6-10p until Mar 25.

Learn more about the exciting things happening at TheatreSquared HERE.

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