February 25, 2022

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Arkansas Aiming To Be Global Leader By 2030


We recently wrote about Northwest Arkansas’s place in the development of future technology, but here’s another stake hammered into the tent of our region - and now state's - global leadership position in next-generation transportation. 

  • Into the future: NWA is locked into the growing innovative group of businesses and organizations with the vision to create a Jetsons-like paradise. Yes, we’re talking flying cars, driverless vehicles, and drone deliveries. 
  • Leading the way: The Natural State is projected to benefit from the strong and healthy environment this next-generation technology will provide. Over 10,000 sustainable jobs in mobility technology are on the way to Arkansas, which has a goal to be the global leader by 2030.

Read the full story and learn more HERE

Restaurant News

Bentonville Restaurants Upending Southern Food Status Quo

NWA Daily

Current southern food trends are upending the status quo, according to a Forbes article. 3 Bentonville restaurants received a shoutout for exploring trends in health and wellness in their southern meals and hospitality. 

  • Food to life: Sunny’s on 2nd St. in Bentonville harnesses the nutrition in the foods it serves to nurture patrons' bodies and minds. Along with good food, Sunny’s offers wellness spaces for education, connection, and community empowerment. 
  • From the ground: The Preacher’s Son and The Hive have both also been leading the way by emphasizing that food with local produce and supplies are not only healthy but delicious. When flavors are tied to the community in the South, food experiences are even more meaningful. 

Read the full article HERE


Rogers Mayor Delivers 2022 State Of The City Address

NWA Daily

Rogers Mayor Greg Hines recently delivered the 2022 State of the City Address, providing updates on all areas including health, population, and infrastructure. Here are some highlights: 

  • Numbers: The census numbers from 2020 show a 20% population increase over the past decade in Rogers. The labor force is at a current record high of 38,321 with 2600+ jobs in the last year, and the 2nd lowest unemployment rate of any city in the state. 
  • Projects: City planners and workers are currently managing 67 large-scale development projects. There are 34 active projects out of the Community Development department ranging from roads, parks, trails, and beautification. 

You can find the full update HERE.


Mardi Gras Bead Crawl On Dickson St This Weekend

NWA Daily

Even though the annual Fat Saturday Parade of Fools in Fayetteville is postponed until next year, it wont stop Dickson Street from celebrating Mardi Gras.

  • Down the street: There’s going to be a ‘bead crawl' beginning this Saturday and will run through Fat Tuesday. Participating bars include Infusion, Bugsy’s, Ryleigh’s, Sideways, Club Rush, The Piano Bar, and Pedal Pub. 
  • Beads galore: Crawlers can visit the bars and collect beads until the ‘weighing of the beads’ at the Willie D's Piano Bar at 11:59p on March 1. The person with the most beads will be eligible for a cash prize. 

For more details about the event, click HERE

Sponsored by EMPOWER

Startup Junkie EMPOWER Program In Its 5th Week

Startup Junkie

Entrepreneurial systems are growing in Northwest Arkansas thanks to Startup Junkie’s team and initiatives to support the community and provide resources for local success.

  • Supporting growth: The most recent program Startup Junkie has launched is EMPOWER, an accelerator for women and non-binary people in STEM in Arkansas. The first cohort consists of 5 entrepreneurs who were selected from a talented pool of applicants. 
  • Forward and upward: The program is in its 5th week and Science Venture Studio (a Startup Junkie branch) along with industry and technology mentors from across the region have engaged with the individuals in the cohort. The result will be deep dives into innovation and strategies for a place in the market. 

For more details, click HERE

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