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August 16, 2022

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International Electric Unicycle Games Coming To Bentonville

Amped Electric Games

Bentonville is about to get amped with the Amped Electric Games hosting its first-ever International Electric Unicycle Games early next month. 

Learn more HERE


Local Government Candidates Ready To Be Considered

NWA Daily

Candidates all over Northwest Arkansas have filed mayor-council forms of government to make decisions concerning your cities! Now is a great time to start looking into who you'll vote for during the general election on November 8.

  • Filling seats: The big four in NWA all have City Council positions to be filled, as do smaller cities in Benton and Washington counties. Eleven NWA cities have mayoral openings. The registration deadline to vote in the general election is October 10, and early voting begins October 24. 
  • Resources: Common Ground Arkansas is a great resource for seeing who's running for what in your county, as are county government websites such as those for Benton and Washington Counties.

Click HERE to see a complete list of NWA candidates.

Sponsored by Peel Compton Foundation

Osage Park In Bentonville Launching Free Wetlands Program

Peel Compton Foundation

This fall, Osage Park is launching free programming to show the public what the wetlands are all about.

  • Science rules: On Oct 12-14 Osage Park will host a field trip for 7th grade classrooms that will feature stations that teach students about all of the interdependent relationships in the wetlands. 
  • Fun for all:  Sep 24 and Oct 1 will be an expedition open to the public with 3 interactive stations. Participants will get to identify creatures, learn about beaver dams, and analyze local watersheds. .

Click here to register your classroom for the field trip or click here to save your spot for the public wetlands expedition.


NWA Receives Funding For Cleaner Water, Greener Counties

NWA Daily

Earlier this summer, the Arkansas Department of Agriculture’s Arkansas Natural Resources Commission approved over $35 million for 13 environmental projects and programs in Arkansas, and thousands of Northwest Arkansans benefit. 

  • Funding: Benton county received a $4,530,260 loan from the Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund to replace a water main and a $20,000,000 loan from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund for wastewater treatment plant improvements. H2Ozarks also received a grant to administer the Septic Tank Remediation Pilot Program within the Buffalo River Watershed in nine counties, including Madison County. 
  • Cleaner place: The Natural Resources Commission is comprised of nine members dedicated to cultivating a healthy environment for us to live in through Conservation, Water Resources Development, and Water Resources Management

Learn more HERE


Outdoor Community Space Opening On Dickson

NWA Daily

A new free public community space on Dickson Street in Fayetteville will be open starting this Thursday, August 18. 

  • Linear play: The new space, Art Court, was designed to “play at the intersection of art and sport.” It will be a functional basketball court and an area for the whole community to enjoy, whether by dancing on the pavement or letting their minds wander while on a stroll. 
  • In the middle: Art Court is located in the old Dickson Street Theatre at the heart of the street’s lively pedestrian sidewalk life and nightlife scene. The court is surrounded by numerous restaurants, bars, cultural event centers, and Fay Jones Park, making it a great addition to the downtown experience.

Learn more about Art Court HERE

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