Experience Fayetteville Pop-Up Starting This Week

November 20, 2020


Experience Fayetteville Pop-up

Experience Fayetteville announced its second pop up lounge in Fayetteville.

  • Info - The lounge will be set up on the corner of Dickson Street and Campbell Avenue, near Bordinos on Wednesday, Nov. 17. This set up includes lighting, heated tents, seating for small groups (under 7 people).
  • The purpose of this pop-up is to enjoy takeout or a drink in the outdoor recreation area designated by the City of Fayetteville. Masks will be required until guest are seated, and hand sanitizer will be available. Staff will also be sanitizing tables between groups. - FayettevilleFlyer
  • Deep Dive - More information can be found HERE


Jones and Joe Become Pro Hogs

Two former Arkansas Razorback Basketball players become Pro Hogs

  • Info - The NBA Draft took place last night as rescheduled from this summer due to COVID-19. Two particular former Arkansas alumi had shots at going in the first two rounds
  • Isaiah Joe was selected in the second round as the 49th overall pick by the Philadelphia 76ers
  • Mason Jones was not selected in the first two rounds, but is expected to join the Houston Rockets G League team for a short period of time


Rogers Substitute Teacher Incentive

Under the current pandemic, teachers and school districts have been under a ton of pressure. With the spike in COVID-19 related cases in NWA, Rogers provided an incentive to substitute teachers

  • Info - "The School Board on Tuesday unanimously approved a financial incentive for substitutes. Those who serve as a substitute for a fourth day in a week will receive an additional $30 above the normal daily rate, while those who work a fifth day in a week will receive an extra $50" - NWA Democrat Gazette
  • This incentive will remain n place for the remainder of the school year as teacher absence fills are below 90%
  • Deep Dive - More information can be found HERE

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