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March 18, 2021


Phase 1C Now Open

Arkansas Department of Health

Arkansas Governor, Asa Hutchinson, and the Arkansas Department Health continue to open up new categories of available vaccine recipients. We are all one phase closer to putting COVID-19 behind us.

  • Governor Asa Hutchinson announced Tuesday that Arkansans belonging to Phase 1-C of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution are now eligible to receive the shot.

  • The group includes essential workers in several categories such as: energy, finance, food service, IT and communication, legal, media, public health/human services, public safety, shelter and housing, and transportation and logistics, as well as those with pre-existing conditions aged 16-64 and people living in congregate settings.

  • However, Governor Hutchinson prefaced the announcement saying it may be some time before clinics are able to make appointments. “There are almost 1 million people in this category, and we still have not fully completed 1-B in some areas of the state," he said.

  • So, how do I get on a list? You can view a full list of vaccine locations HERE.

781,348. As of yesterday, the total number of doses given to Arkansans. Around 10% of the population in Arkansas is vaccinated.

Health & Wellness

UAMS Seeks to Build $85M Clinic in NWA

NWA Daily (UAMS Northwest; Fayetteville)

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) is looking to build an $85 million orthopedic and sports medicine facility in NWA, pending approval at the University of Arkansas System board of trustees meeting today.

  • The state-of-the-art facility will boast up to 12 operating rooms, yet a limited number of patient beds. The building’s specialty clinics will consist of sports performance, physical therapy, orthopedic, imaging, research and education.

  • It's said that UAMS Chancellor Dr. Cam Patterson will propose Marlon Blackwell Architects along with DSC Architects to lead the 185,000-square-foot building design. Nabholz Construction is the front-runner for general contractor.

  • UAMS will employ bond funds to pay for the project, according to the agenda. The board authorized UAMS to negotiate letter of intent terms to pursue a lease agreement for a new building in October. As part of the negotiation, UAMS would have the option to assume the outstanding debt at a mutually agreeable date or purchase the facility for $1 at the end of a 30-year lease term. Talk Business & Politics

  • Additionally, "Patterson will also ask for board approval to expand the Northwest Arkansas regional campus by adding a three-year MD degree primary care track and a four-year MD parallel track beginning in the 2021-22 academic year." Talk Business & Politics

To learn more, you can read the full report HERE

Sponsored by The Peel Compton Foundation

Camp at Coler!

The Peel Compton Foundation

Coler Mountain Bike Preserve is geared up and bringing you the best campsites this Spring with ALL the amenities. Enjoy the blooming plants along the 300 acres of multi-use greenway and 17 miles of mountain biking trails. They have three nightly price options to meet your camping needs: $15 for a small campsite, $25 for a large campsite, or $30 for a camper van spot.

Amenities Include:

  • Heated showers
  • Tent platforms
  • Dispersed hammock stands
  • Group fire pit
  • Trail access

Want to enjoy Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, but don’t want to camp? They've got you covered! Although parking is limited, there are three lot options and they're happy to get you where you’re going!

Parking Options:

While we love our furry friends, pets are not allowed at the Coler Campground. Additionally, trailers are not allowed on site.


Research Finds Teacher Shortage in Arkansas

A new report, funded by the Walton Family Foundation, has found that 4 percent of teachers across Arkansas are uncertified, which is double the national average of 1.7 percent. In 30 districts, at least 10 percent are uncertified, while seven districts have more than 30 percent uncertified teachers.

  • Additionally, the study reported that certain school districts in Arkansas have significantly higher percentages of uncertified teachers and offer significantly lower pay than others. “They are losing teachers to higher paying districts, that are either close by or teachers move to get higher paying jobs in another district,” said WFF Analytics Director Elizabeth Kelly. -KNWA/Fox24

  • Furthermore, the report points to three causes for certified teacher shortages: 1). The lack of area adults having the bachelor’s degrees that can lead to certification. 2). The inadequacy of incentive programs with which many prospective teachers are unfamiliar. 3). Teacher compensation.

  • Northwest Arkansas not only has some of the highest starting salaries for teachers in the state but also some of the highest paying school districts. NWA also has incredibly low rates of uncertified teachers.

  • The recommended solution? Increasing teacher salaries across the state and reducing salary inequities, designing a website describing the state’s pathways to teaching and financial incentives, and fully funding bonuses for teachers in high-priority districts with 1,000 or fewer students, the study recommends. -Talk Business & Politics

Want to see more? You can check out the full report HERE


Spring is in the Air

NWA Daily (Lake Atalanta; Rogers)

A month from today on April 17, the City of Bentonville is preparing to donate 500 trees to Bentonville residents. Why? The goal is to increase the city’s overall tree canopy on residential properties, to promote a healthier environment, and improve the physical appearance and visual character of the built environment.

  • The trees will be reserved for Bentonville residents only who live within the city limits. Limit two trees per household. Pre-registion is encouraged, you can do that HERE. Otherwise, the tree selection is first come, first serve. Registration opens at 10am TODAY.

  • Location, Location, Location! The city advises residents to never plant trees under power lines, which would eventually result in their removal to prevent obstruction or access to the power line.

  • The event is sponsored by by the City’s Tree & Landscape Advisory Committee, the Bentonville Parks Conservancy, and the Walton Family Foundation. More information about the giveaway can be found HERE.

The Spring Tree Giveaway will take place on April 17, 2021, from 8:00am to 10:00am at the City of Bentonville Municipal Complex, 3200 SW Municipal Drive.

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