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December 17, 2021

Art & Community

Art Cohort To Build A More Connected Community

NWA Daily

Presented locally by CACHE (Creative Arkansas Community Hub Exchange), 10 local, cultural art organizations are going to receive thousands of dollars in grants to hone and develop our creative community.

  • Together: The participating organizations are to engage in a two year program and cohort called ARt Connect, which will offer the 10 Northwest Arkansas arts and culture organizations peer to peer learning opportunities, coach consultations, financial coaching and private and public workshops.
  • It takes work: There will be monthly workshops to address the topics of governance, finance, and community engagement. Each organization will have one on one coaching from a professional as well, so as to build an “instinctively connected" community.

For the list of organizations and more info, click HERE.


Hispanic Leadership Council Awards Funds

NWA Daily

The NWA Hispanic Leadership Council Giving Circle has awarded grants to local non-profits for their contribution to the community. 

  • The programs: Rogers High School will receive $4k to support its Newcomer Welcome Program (NWP), OneCommunity, $2k for its Parents Take Leadership Action (PTLA) Kids program, and the Hispanic Women's Organization of Arkansas (HWOA), $1k for its Scholarship Program. 
  • Their purpose: Each of these programs exist for students to do well in school. The NWP is spearheaded by a bilingual school counselor, so those still learning English feel seen and heard. PTLA Kids is for parents to learn English at their kids' school and learn about community resources. HWOA, with an emphasis on 1st generation students, promotes higher education among the Latino community. 

Read the full story HERE

Small Business

SIEV Technologies Awarded $256k

Stuart Pritchards

The National Science Foundation has awarded a local startup a $256,000 Small Business Innovation Research Grant

  • More good: The recipient of the award is SIEV Technologies, a biotech company started by University of Arkansas researchers who invented a technology that converts waste into valuable bio-products. The award money will go toward the improvement of biofuel production and the development of SIEV’s Technologies. 
  • A better place: In one year, the U.S. generates an estimated 836m tons of biomass waste, which could be used for bio fuels — SIEV’s specialty. Companies that adopt SIEV’s reactor system can contribute to a healthier planet by reducing the carbon intensity of transportation fuels.

Click HERE for more details. 

Food & Drink

Local Distillery Releases New Spirits, Throwing Party

NWA Daily

A local distillery is releasing new spirits, and it’s hosting a party to do it. 

  • Gather: Fox Trail Distillery’s latest creations are Wild Parallel Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Wild Parallel Toasted Oak Barrel Bourbon. The HUB Bike Lounge in Bentonville is hosting the release party tomorrow, Dec. 17, at 6p, and you’re invited. There will be free local merch for attendees, and a DJ to set the tone.
  • Look around, learn: Every weekend, Fox Trail Distillery offers tasting tours to see how the magic happens. Go see where your favorite crafted sprits are distilled, aged, and bottled for an educational and flavorful time. 

For more about Fox Trail, click HERE.


Holiday Fun At The Young Chefs Academy


If you need a fun family activity for the holidays, the Rogers Young Chefs Academy (YFC) is a great option. 

  • Making food: The YFC is bursting with weekly opportunities such as classes, culinary parties, camps, workshops and special events. In addition to daily classes, two events coming up are a Family Gingerbread Workshop this Saturday at 2p, and a 4 day Winter Culinary Camp starting Dec. 20. 
  • A gift for anywhere: If December is too busy, gift cards are available for any service offered by the YFC for as low as $25. There are plenty of locations to choose from around the country, if the recipient in mind lives elsewhere. 

For more info, click HERE

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