Gov. Hutchinson Lifts Large Event Restrictions

February 18, 2021


State COVID-19 Restrictions Change After Drop in Cases

Arkansas Department of Health

Governor Asa Hutchinson announced in a statement on Tuesday that certain COVID-19 restrictions concerning large indoor and outdoor events and sporting events have been modified after a decrease in new cases across the state.

  • Previously, the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) must approve a submitted plan for events with 10 or more attendees. The updated directive now allows for events to have up to 100 attendees without submitting a plan.
  • Gov. Hutchinson said the directive does not include restaurants, but does cover outdoor venues for commercial, community, or civic events and activities where an audience, spectators, or a gathering of people are present, such as at concerts, weddings, plays, sporting events, rodeos (yee-haw), races, fundraisers, parades, fairs, livestock shows, auctions, carnivals and festivals. -5 News
  • School and community sporting events now follow an updated directive allowing competitions with two or more teams, but plans must still be approved by the ADH. The host venue is responsible for adhering to COVID-19 regulations and guidelines.
  • More information on the indoor and outdoor events directive can be found HERE, along with the updated sporting events directive HERE.


Kiva Hub Finds A Home In NWA

Startup Junkie

Startup Junkie in collaboration with the Walton Family Foundation has partnered with Kiva US to help underserved entrepreneurs in Northwest Arkansas by providing pathways for regional small business owners to receive capital.

  • Kiva, an international nonprofit based out of San Francisco, works to connect entrepreneurs and business owners with local capital. Through Kiva NWA, companies in need of capital can register through their platform and the community can sign up to lend money directly to local entrepreneurs.
  • If you are a small business owner seeking capital, you can get started HERE
    OR if you find yourself wanting to support local companies during this time, you can research and lend HERE. It isn't everyday you get a chance to watch a local company be built from the ground-up.
  • A few interesting facts from Kiva: 81% of Kiva borrowers are females; small business create 2 out of every 3 new jobs in the US; and more than $1.4B has been lent through Kiva.

Real Estate

We're Going Net Zero

Entegrity Partners

Entegrity Partners, an energy services, sustainability, and solar development company out of Little Rock announced last week its intentions for a new mixed use HQ in Fayetteville called the Network building.

  • Entegrity specializes in energy conservation and renewable projects. As part of its vision, the Network building will be the first LEED Net Zero mixed use building in Fayetteville.
  • The 28 luxury apartment structure and office space will include "six electric car charging stations, keyless access, dimmable LED lighting," and in home smart devices for remote access. The exact location of the building was not disclosed.
  • You may have heard of this group around a year ago when it announced its intention to build a $1M solar project in Prairie Grove.

Sponsored by Rio Buffalo Outfitter

Gear Up for Adventure with Rio Buffalo Outfitter

Established in 2020, Rio Buffalo Outfitter’s staff enjoys helping folks discover the wonders of the Buffalo National River as well as the spectacular Ozark Mountains and streams surrounding the river. 

  • Dreaming of warmer weather and looking to plan your next adventure? Float over to Rio Buffalo Outfitter for all things outdoors - including equipment rentals, lodging, and river level updates.
  • They provide quality canoes, kayaks and rafts as well as shuttle services for not only paddling adventures but for hiking and mountain biking.  They can outfit everything from day float trips to multi-week paddle and hiking adventures. 

Be the first to know about new events, hiking tips, and trip inspiration on their Facebook and Instagram.


SHS Art Teacher Awarded Grant for Downtown Springdale Mural

NWA Daily

The Downtown Springdale Alliance has selected Springdale High School art teacher, Mary Beth Breshears, as one of four grant recipients selected to create murals in downtown Springdale.

  • The program, made possible by a grant from the Walton Family Foundation, is designed to enhance the downtown’s aesthetics and engage local artists by highlighting local building facades.
  • In partnership with SHS, Mary Beth Breshears represents the Teen Action & Support Center (TASC) and the Jones Center. Breshear's vision is to draw a message of healing, strength, renewal and community, inspired by the Marshallese community, friends, and neighbors.
  • SHS's mural proposal was one of four accepted among thirty-three artists and eight property owners. The murals are slated to be completed on or before April 15, 2021.

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