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October 15, 2021

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It Started With A Rabbit

NWA Daily

Pel-Freez Biologicals, based in Rogers, is a key supplier to the world's largest vaccine and diagnostic companies and is expanding its facility, increasing its workforce nearly 50%

  • The work: The business produces high quality raw materials and substances for research and manufacturing that diagnostic companies then use to develop FDA approved products. The expansion will add approximately 40,000 sq/ft of facilities on the company’s farms in Gentry and the labs in Rogers.
  • Growth: This year is Pel-Freez’s 110-year anniversary, and to celebrate there will be an exhibit at the Rogers Historical Museum beginning tomorrow. 

Learn more about Pel-Freez Biologicals HERE


Get Your Putt-Putt On

Anna Terazevich

Golftoberfest is a Northwest Arkansas original mini-golf tournament, and it begins this Saturday (Oct. 16). 

For more information, click HERE.

Sponsored by Matchstick Studio

Dust-Off the Webs

Matchstick Studio

If your business hasn’t updated its website in more than two years, it’s time. Technologies, algorithms, and trends change more frequently than that, but the two-year mark is when it becomes worth the effort to clear the webs.

  • Ghosted: Sites that haven’t been updated in two years can start to become ‘extinct’ in Google searches. 
  • Dated: Research shows 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience, and outdated websites aren’t the best experience.

The Modular Orange platform from Matchstick Studio solves these problems and helps you create a fast, fresh, and affordable site. More details here.


The Place to Play

Matrix Racquet Club

The Matrix Racquet Club in Lowell won the United States Tennis Association’s annual Outstanding Facility Award. 

  • The space: The club has 33 racquet sport courts (Tennis, Pickleball, and Padel), a spin theatre called The AMP, a high intensity training room called The Cage, and a yoga studio called The Flow. There is also a healthy cafe in the facility. 
  • The fun: There are events and tournaments happening all the time at The Matrix Racquet Club, and you can be a part! The next event is a Pickleball Fall Classic on Oct. 22-24 where the first place winners of each bracket win prize money. 

For more information about The Matrix Racquet Club, click HERE


Up And Away


It truly has been a great time to fly with the low-cost carriers from Northwest Arkansas National Airport (XNA). 

  • High flying: This September was one of Frontier Airlines’ best months at XNA since 2019. In August, Frontier added a twice-a-week nonstop flight to Las Vegas from XNA, which contributed to the airline’s 3,045 passengers in September. The airline is adding a twice-a-week flight to Orlando starting Nov.1. 
  • Travelers: XNA airlines had a total of 61,364 passengers in September. And since January of 2021, the low-cost carriers, Allegiant, Breeze, and Frontier have flown about 17.4% of XNA travelers. 

Read the Fare Flight report HERE.

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