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July 2, 2021

Together With

After calling Arkansas home for over 110 years, Generations Bank is excited to finally be able to add Bentonville to the communities they serve! Visit the beautiful branch that showcases the future of banking right in the heart of Bentonville. Generations Bank is a full-service bank ready to serve you through all the stages of your life, from your first bank account to your first home.


Hotel, Motel, the Bike Inn


As the "Mountain Biking Capital of the World," it's fitting Bentonville would be home to a motel catering specifically to mountain bikers. The Bike Inn is a motel in Bentonville, capitalizing on the region's mountain biking tourism economy.

  • Nostalgic potential: The two owners recently moved here from Oregon to make this dream a reality. They bought The Pines Motel and are currently investing over $1mm in renovations to make the 10 units and two cottages extra bike friendly.
  • Quote: “It will be a sharp-looking place. It’s a place to visit after a ride and talk to other people about the trails where they rode. We want to be a destination for the cycling community.”

The motel is planning to welcome its first guests in July. You can read more about what's been happening with The Bike Inn HERE.


Gradual Ascent

NWA Daily

Since 2019, XNA has seen its fair share of challenges. However, forecasts for 2021 enplanements show potential for continued growth back to 2019 pre-pandemic levels.

  • The numbers: The airport is estimating between 500k - 550k outbound fliers by the end of 2021. After falling 61% from 2019 to 2020, these numbers are an encouraging sign for XNA and could bump the airport's revenue streams up to $2.5mm.
  • Flying on a budget: With fuel prices on the rise, even people who prefer to drive are getting in on the new, cheaper flights from XNA. Low cost carriers have been entering the scene, bringing total nonstop flights to 24 destinations.

Find out more about XNA's annual projection and where the numbers come from HERE.

Restaurant News

Some German Flavor

Downtown Springdale Alliance

Adding to the energy in downtown Springdale, Bauhaus Biergarten, a new restaurant will bring some authentic German flavors to the district.

  • Simply delicious: Two NWA natives are bringing a taste of Europe to the region, offering "a small indoor bar with an associated sort of sausage house food trailer outdoor beer garden."
  • Globally local: Despite the international flavors of the new restaurant, many products used will be locally sourced. Additionally, the Monarch Building that the restaurant will be in has ties back to Germany itself.

Read more about the Bauhaus's restaurant HERE.


Frisco Festival

NWA Daily

Scheduled for later this summer, Downtown Rogers recently announced it's bringing back the Frisco Festival for its 36th year.

  • The event returns August 20-21 to the historic brick streets of Rogers, and the addition of the Railyard Park will add a new twist to the classic event.
  • The Frisco Festival, if you've never been, reflects back on the unique railroad history of downtown Rogers and 'back in time' traditions with creative foods, music, and entertaining events.

Find out more about the festival HERE.

Health & Wellness

Walmart's New Brand

NWA Daily

When Walmart says Everyday Low Prices, that includes healthcare. This week, the Company announced it's bringing access and affordability to diabetes care through the launch of its private brand analog insulin.

  • No need to sacrifice: Its private brand ReliOn offers analog insulin vials and FlexPen that will save customers up "to 75% off the cash price of branded analog insulin products."
  • Doctor's orders: While these deals are hard to pass up, the affordable insulin coming to Walmart and Sam's Club pharmacies this month can only be sold by prescription.
  • Quote: "With ReliOn NovoLog® insulin, we’re adding a high-quality medication for diabetes to the already affordable ReliOn line of products and continuing our commitment to improve access and lowering cost of care."

To learn more about how Walmart is making access to diabetes care more affordable, click HERE.

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