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August 9, 2022

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June Employment Data Released for Northwest Arkansas

NWA Daily

June's employment numbers were released, and Northwest Arkansas reported a labor force of over 300,000 for the first time ever.

  • Mixed results: NWA had the lowest unemployment rate of the Arkansas metro areas at 2.8%. This was an improvement from June 2021's 3.6% unemployment rate but worse than May 2022's 2.2% rate.
  • More jobs: Northwest Arkansas's labor force grew by 4.9% year over year to 300,001, while total employment numbers grew 5.8% to 291,748 jobs.

Read more about Arkansas's jobs numbers HERE.

Regional News

NWA City Planners Collaborate To Face Housing Challenges

NWA Daily

The Urban Land Institute has pulled together city planners from across the region for a year-long program intended to establish a baseline of knowledge, best practices, and deeper collaboration to ensure that NWA maintains equitable housing opportunities. 

  • Framing the problem: The core areas and downtowns of NWA are becoming increasingly difficult to live in because of the rapidly rising prices; however, living further out increases the cost of transportation, costing the average NWA household $9,100 a year. So how are residents of the region to fully enjoy the perks of living here? 
  • Desired outcomes: With the help of the Urban Land Institute, the group will reevaluate the inefficient policies and exclusionary development rules that are causing these problems and release a local government policy with recommendations to increase housing options within NWA neighborhoods. 

Read more from the Walton Family Foundation HERE

Restaurant News

Punjabi Kitchen Opens New Location in Centerton

Punjabi Kitchen

Northwest Arkansas gained another great spot to grab some Indian cuisine with Punjabi Kitchen's expansion into a new location in Centerton

  • Double time: The family-owned restaurant has had a presence in Northwest Arkansas for several years now with its location in Springdale. The location in Centerton will make it easier for folks across NWA to experience this authentic Indian cuisine
  • Even better: In addition to great food, the restaurant plans to add a full service bar and to host activities like karaoke and have a dance floor.

Check out the menu and watch for updates from the restaurant HERE.


Fayetteville Recycling Receives National Recognition

NWA Daily

Resource Recycling named the City of Fayetteville as the 2022 Recycling Program of the Year in its small cities category for its efforts in recycling, food-waste diversion, and education

  • Tons to sort: Last year, nearly 6,570 tons of recyclables, 876 tons of food waste, and 17 tons of household hazardous waste were collected across the city.
  • Keep Fayetteville funky… and clean: Through intentional efforts, like handing out free collection buckets to divert food waste from landfills, Fayetteville has reached an average recycling rate of 19% and a contamination rate of less than 2%. 

Read more on Fayetteville’s Trash and Recycling efforts HERE

Small Business

Indoor Climbing Gym Coming To Dickson Street

Boulders and Brews

Boulders and Brews Gym, a bouldering gym and coffee shop, is set to open this fall on Dickson St. in Fayetteville. 

  • New club on the block: Currently in the works at the old Clubhaus Fitness location, the remodeled facility will include 3000 sq. ft. of climbing space including slabs, vertical faces, and a cave, as well as a training room for weight lifting and fitness classes. 
  • Hold my latte: Climbers will have a chance to stay caffeinated and full of healthy eats at the space’s modern interior cafe before jumping back on the wall. 

Get ahead of the crowd with some pre-opening perks HERE

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