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August 19, 2021



NWA Daily

From businesses who deal in solar energy to fried chicken, Northwest Arkansas companies earned 11 slots on the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies for 2021

You can find the Inc. 5000 list HERE.


Research Dollars Granted to U of A

NWA Daily

The National Science Foundation has awarded a $6.1m grant to the U of A to establish a research institute focused on virology and virus ecology.

  • Commissioned work: $6.1m should be enough to get the ball rolling on the new virus study. The goal of the research work is to "establish fundamental 'rules of life,'" that apply to all viruses or a family of them.
  • Led by example: The research is led by three professors at the U of A with help from state and international institutions. If it's successful, you can expect multiple other labs and institutions to follow in the footsteps of what's discovered here in Arkansas.

You can find the full story HERE.


Change of Plans

NWA Daily

Startup Junkie is showing us how to stay driven and innovative once again. They’ve replaced an annual event with one they deem more fit for right now. 

  • Switcheroo: The NWA Startup Crawl has been postponed until Spring 2022, but a vaccine clinic will be held in its place on Sep. 17. It will be from noon to 4p in the Startup Junkie offices on the Fayetteville square. 
  • Hold tight: The date for next spring has not been nailed down, but they anticipate the previously slotted “crawl stops” will remain the same. All the sponsors who were committed for this year have re-committed for next year also. 

Read more about the change of plans HERE.

Sponsored by Bella Vista POA

Into the Woods

Bella Vista POA

If you haven’t taken a ride up to Blowing Springs Park recently, you’re missing out. 

  • A hidden gem: The Gear Garden is located in the park, and yes, it is a beer garden you can and should bike to. The garden's premier beer is a Trailhead Lager, brewed specially for the trailhead and can only be found in four other Bella Vista locations
  • There’s more: Not entirely exclusive to drinks, the Gear Garden has small snacks as well as some merch. Check it out from Wed - Sun 2p - dusk. 

For Gear Garden updates click HERE.


Food on the Table

NWA Daily

Tyson Foods is teaming up with the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank to supply a year of food to communities across the region.

  • On the move: With the help of Tyson's $500k donation to the food bank, these mobile food pantries will serve 6k people in NWA every month.
  • More on food: In Rogers, the NWA Food Bank is also working on a permanent food pantry that will function more as a grocery store. FEED ROGERS will open its doors sometime later this year or early next.

You can find out more about the local initiatives HERE.

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