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June 23, 2022

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Peel Compton Foundation Offers Summer Camps For Kids

Peel Compton Foundation

Peel Compton Foundation is offering unique, hands-on camps this July!

  • The Quiver Archery Range: From July 11-15, The Quiver will offer kids ages 12-17 a chance to gain individualized archery experience. Each day will include fun new activities and an award ceremony where campers receive dog tag awards. Sign up every day to rack up all five tag designs!
  • Coler Mountain Bike Preserve: From July 25-29, kids ages 8-12 can discover the perfect summer adventure at Coler Mountain Bike Preserve! Each day will be focused on learning and practicing a new outdoor skill, including biking, wellness, leave no trace ethics, and outdoor survival skills. 

Save your spot today! Click here to learn more.


People for Bikes Releases 2022 Top-Ranking US Cities for Bicycling


People for Bikes released its 2022 Top-Ranking U.S. Cities for Bicycling report with data evaluating more than 1,000 cities, the most significant number in the program’s six-year history. 

  • Method: Cities were scored based on a combined Network score, which looks at accessibility to places and local amenities, and a Community score, which looks at how familiar people are with local biking resources, how often people ride, etc. 
  • Ranking: The threshold score for a great place to bike is 50, which is the score Fayetteville received. Fayetteville’s overall city ranking is 62 out of 1105 cities. Bentonville received a score of 48 and is 72 overall. Springdale received a score of 42, and Rogers received a 40. 

Look more in-depth at the rankings HERE


Outdoor Cap Co. Turns 45

Marcus Murphy

One of the country’s largest headwear suppliers, and one of Bentonville’s beat-kept businesses, Outdoor Cap Co., is celebrating its 45th birthday this year. 

  • How it's grown: Outdoor Cap came from small beginnings in 1977 and now has over 14,000 business customers across multiple distribution channels and is licensed to sell and distribute for over 100 organizations. The company produces and sells between 45 and 50 million caps annually. 
  • Looking forward: More than 400 employees in Northwest Arkansas work for Outdoor Cap, and many are long-tenured. The company recently named its first female president and is using the milestone of 45 years to enhance momentum for future growth.

Read the full Talk Business & Politics story HERE


Former Hooters To Become Mixed-Use Development Site

Google Maps

A former Hooters restaurant in north Fayetteville was recently demolished to make room for a new mixed-use development

  • Project: The building sat on 7.42 acres facing Shiloh Drive just south of the Northwest Arkansas Mall. With the additional undeveloped area to the west of the site, the new 6,500 sq. ft mixed-use development plan will include “apartments, a retail center, modern amenities, and ample parking.” 
  • Development: The city approved in late October to transition the site from a strictly commercial zone to the city’s Community Services District, which allows for both residential and commercial uses. The residential project will be called The Claude, and Aspen Dental will be the lead tenant of the development’s retail portion. 

Read the full Fayetteville Flyer story HERE

Restaurant News

Centerton Grand Food Truck Opening This Weekend

Centerton Food Trucks Park

There’s a new food truck park in Centerton, and the Grand Opening is this Saturday, June 25!

Click HERE for more information. 

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