Hidden Gems

July 29, 2021

Sponsored by Bella Vista POA

Formal Introduction

Bella Vista POA

Discover the unexpected - located in the back of Blowing Springs Park in Bella Vista is NWA's newest beer garden - or better yet, Gear Garden.

  • Treat yourself: As the beginning and end point for the Back 40 trail system, this rest area is stocked with special edition Trailhead Lager by Bentonville Brewing Co. Open Wed-Sun from 2pm to dusk, this stop isn't one you'll want to miss.
  • Ribbon cutting: Today at 3:30p make sure to swing by the Gear Garden for a special ribbon cutting ceremony by Bella Vista POA and Benton County Chamber of Commerce.

Learn more about the Gear Garden HERE.


More Places to Go

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines has been announcing new flights from XNA all summer, giving local flyers affordable access to cities like Denver and Las Vegas. This week, the company added Orlando to the direct flight list.

  • Going to Disney: If you've been wanting to schedule a trip to Disney World, it just got easier. Starting Nov. 1, Frontier will fly two times per week from XNA to Orlando, with ticket prices starting at $49.
  • New frontiers: These new additions by Frontier mark the third budget airline this year to start or expand its flying capacity from XNA.

Find out more about the direct flight opportunities HERE.


Your Future is in Your Hands

NWA Daily

Since 2018, Walmart has been empowering its employees through its Live Better U (LBU) program. Now, the company is making everything LBU has to offer completely free of charge.

  • LBU Alumni: The LBU program has helped over 52,000 associates begin and complete their journeys in higher education. This next phase will help another 1.5mm associates "earn college degrees or learn trade skills without taking on additional debt."
  • Worth the price: That's a commitment of $1b over the next 5 years for its employees' "career-driven training and development".

You can learn more about the LBU initiative HERE.

Restaurant News

Two Friends

NWA Daily

Tucked away in downtown Bentonville, Two Friends Bookstore is bringing a personal touch to the world of reading and some flavor to local readers.

  • Tiny but mighty: While the storefront may seem unassuming, there is a uniquely curated collection of titles tucked inside.
  • Best of both worlds: The bookstore also has a small cafe, and its menu is full of tasty treats. Its fresh, seasonal sandwiches, beverages, and potentially the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookie in town have us stumped as to which is better - the reading or the eating!

Next time you're in town, stop by and mention NWA Daily for 10% off your purchase (valid through Aug. 15).


Birds and the Bees

NWA Daily

A PhD entomology student at the U of A is researching ways to slow the decline of the wild bee population in the Ozarks.

  • Pollination station: With a dozen wild bee habitats, the efforts are focused on observing how well wild bees thrive with different types of wildflowers. The goal of this research is to help local farmers improve the health of their crops.
  • Potential solution: A large part of the problem is due to monoculture, and research is showing that planting a wildflower population aids in making healthier crops and healthier bees.

You can listen to the full interview HERE.

Story courtesy of KUAF

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