Jet stream BBQ

September 3, 2021


Time to Fly


Traveling from Northwest Arkansas is pretty affordable these days with flights for $250 or less at Northwest Arkansas National Airport

  • Low-cost U.S. travel: The amount of low-cost opportunities from XNA might be better than ever. Even the traditional carriers are getting in on the game and offering great roundtrip deals to more than 30 cities
  • Easy access: Fare Flight created a list of its top choice trips that match the less-than-$250 goal and don’t require long layovers. You could take a trip to places like New York, Colorado or Florida at a great price before the year's end.

Check for your self on google flights, or see Fare Flight’s list HERE

Arts & Culture

Design City

NWA Daily

The Walton Family Foundation is calling on designers to join them in building “a more vibrant and inclusive region.” 

  • Looking for architects: The Northwest Arkansas Design Excellence Program is accepting applications through Oct.1. The focus is on those experienced in architecture, specifically the kind that involves “inclusive public engagement” and “mixed-income and missing middle housing.” 
  • Bigger, better towns: The foundation is looking to start innovative neighborhood-scale projects as a result of NWA’s population more than doubling over the past 25yrs. Professionals will be selected based on principles revolving around the holistic strengthening of our region. 

For more details, click HERE.


Bike Month

NWA Daily

The annual global Bike Challenge, Cycle September, kicked off yesterday with people all over Northwest Arkansas participating. 

  • Set goals: Organizations like BikeNWA are taking the Love to Ride platform to encourage a more sustainable, healthy and active lifestyle. Through Love to Ride individuals or groups can set goals to achieve by the end of the month. 
  • Worth it: Whether riding recreationally or for transportation, anyone can participate. Indoor stationary biking counts as well! So participate in Cycle September, challenge yourself and compete in some friendly competition. You very well might win a prize. 

Learn more HERE

Sponsored by Shared Beginnings

Supporting Mothers

Shared Beginnings

Head over to The Barn at the Springs on Sept. 17 for Shared Beginnings' fundraising event for its work with birth families and expectant mothers considering adoption.

  • At the carnival: From 6-10p there will be carnival style games, inflatables, and plenty of NWA's finest food vendors. Each ticket for the event comes with 3 drink tickets and a signature cocktail for the evening.
  • Good, local work: The proceeds of the night will help provide individual and group therapy sessions, support groups, workshops and professional case management support at Shared Beginnings.

Get your event tickets HERE.


Smokey Skies

NWA Daily

If you see smoke in the air on Saturday, Sept. 25, it’s most likely folks barbecuing in Rogers. 

Learn more and sign up HERE.

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