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March 25, 2022

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Rezoning In Fayetteville Resulting In Plans For Hotel, Apartments, Retail, Offices

NWA Daily

Redevelopment of the Lewis Ford site on North College in Fayetteville is coming together slowly. 

  • Zones: The City Council voted last week to rezone seven acres of the Lewis Ford dealership property, located across from Village Inn on College. The rezone now allows for both commercial and residential uses. Almost six acres west of the dealership is still up for the council’s zoning consideration during its meeting on April 5.
  • Concepts: Ideas for the rezoned areas include walking trails around the property, an apartment complex with a swimming pool and dog park, office space, retail space, an event space, and a restaurant/bar with patio.

Read the Fayetteville Flyer story HERE

Restaurant News

The Oldest Restaurant In NWA Serves Food Like It's 1960, In A Good Way

NWA Daily

With all the new infrastructure in Northwest Arkansas, it’s easy to look past the old and places that have been here for decades. 

  • Dining history: Susie Q. Malt Shop in Rogers is one of the businesses in the Natural State that has been around for over 60 years! It is the second oldest business in Rogers and the oldest restaurant in Northwest Arkansas. 
  • Like the past: Ownership has been passed down through the years, but it has remained a family business and the old-fashioned dairy bar has stayed the same. The owners insists on the experience being done in a classic and old-fashioned way, so you’re not getting fast food. You’re getting quality food, fast. 

Read more about the legendary Susie Q. Malt Shop HERE


NWA Daily Releases New Regional Brunch Guide

Cafe Louise

Need a reason for some warmth on these chilly, rainy mornings? How about a good morning meal somewhere near you? 

  • Brunch: We’ve all heard that the first meal of the day is the most important. We love starting our days well here at NWA Daily, so we’ve put together a regional guide of Northwest Arkansas's breakfast and brunch places for your referencing pleasure. 
  • Sneak peek: The Guide has a total of 29 breakfast and brunch locations across NWA. Each location has a snippet about the restaurant to give you an idea of what restaurant you might want to try next.

See the guide HERE


BIPOC Media Convention To Take Place At Mount Sequoyah

NWA Daily

There is a first-of-its-kind media convention for professionals of color scheduled for April 6-8 at Mount Sequoyah in Fayetteville. 

  • Worldview in color: The convention is called SoulCon, organized in partnership with Arkansas Soul Media and the Michael Award and Film Labs. The three days allotted for the convention will include networking, workshops, keynotes, and presentations. 
  • Perspectives: SoulCon will feature professionals of color in journalism, film, marketing, advertising, and creative agencies. A couple of keynote speakers scheduled include the founder and CEO of kweliTV and a bilingual news anchor and producer for Peacock and NBC Universal.

For passes and more information about SoulCon, click HERE

Sponsored by Mycelium Networks

Mycelium Networks Offering Stipends For Hosts To Help Connect NWA

Mycelium Networks

Mycelium Networks has spearheaded the deployment of the Helium network in NWA to provide coverage for millions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices through a network of nodes.

  • IoT use cases in action: Most people have heard of smart dog collars. While convenient, many of these devices are expensive ($150+), charge a monthly data fee of $15, and require daily charging. IoT devices offer a better solution - $50 devices with data included and six months or longer battery life.
  • Help power the Network: Thousands of IoT devices are online in NWA today with the expectation that the number will increase tenfold within the next year. IoT will revolutionize the way we live our lives, and you can be a part of making it a reality in Northwest Arkansas. 

To learn more about joining Mycelium’s Host Network and earning a monthly stipend, visit CONNECTNWA.COM.

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