Local Hospitals Banding Together to Increase Capacity

November 21, 2020


Benton County Quorum Court Approves 2021 Budget

The Benton County Quorum Court approved the 2021 budget on Thursday during an online meeting

  • "The total budget (general and road) is just under $60 million. The county has $12.6 million in reserve. The county has a surplus of $1.1 million." NWA Democrat Gazette
  • "The Road Department's budget is $13.4 million. The Sheriff's Office budget is $12.4 million and the jail is at $11.4 million.
    In the budget is 3% merit raises for employees with an overall cap of 5%, according to documents." NWA Democrat Gazette
  • More information can be found HERE


New Evening Time Restrictions

Arkansas businesses licensed to sell and allow consumption of alcohol on their premises must close by 11 p.m., Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced today. - FayettevilleFlyer

  • The directive goes into effect tonight, Nov. 20 and will remain in place through Jan. 3, 2021. The directive covers "restaurants, bars, and private clubs with “on-premise” permits."
  • “In an effort to reduce the spread of the virus as a result of prolonged social interaction in group settings, I am accepting the recommendation of the Winter COVID Task Force to require bars, restaurants, and clubs that sell alcohol for consumption in their establishment to close at 11 p.m.,” Hutchinson said. “This is a balanced approach that is limited and targeted as we work to reduce new COVID cases in our state.”
  • Deep Dive - More information about the restrictions can be found HERE


Arkansas and LSU Game to be Played

The Arkansas Razorbacks are set to battle against the LSU Tigers tomorrow at 11am CT. There was concern that the event might be cancelled due to COVID, but sources say GAME ON

  • Info - The game itself was in doubt because of a number of positive covid-19 cases that had left the Razorbacks' roster "thin," Arkansas coach Sam Pittman said Thursday. Last week, LSU was forced to cancel their game last week against Alabama
  • The Razorbacks' final round of weekly test Thursday did "not take the team's roster of available players below thresholds that might have postponed the game. The SEC permits a team to request a postponement if it falls below 53 available scholarship players, or below seven scholarship offensive linemen, four scholarship defensive linemen, or one scholarship quarterback or center.
    " NWA Democrat Gazette


Washington Regional CEO Speaks to Hospital Capacity

Recently Governor Asa Hutchinson announced the establishment of the Winter COVID-19 Task Force. On this task force is Washington Regional CEO Larry Shackelford. Shackelford conducted a recent interview with KUAF discussing everything from holiday plans to new COVID task force initiatives

  • Info - Shackelford makes a few points from the interview that are worth noting: Hospitals have capacity to take care of incoming patients and regular day-to-day hospital operations. COVID in-patient numbers are approaching 90 individuals. This is a 40-50% increase just over the past 10-14 days.
  • The regional hospitals are working together to share capacity and resources - this is something that Shackelford hopes is expanded to the state. Shackelford's most urgent concern is the safety of his staff and providing this staff the right tools for success.
  • Deep Dive - more information and the interview can be found HERE

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