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July 23, 2021

Regional Development

How We Move

NWA Daily

There are a couple infrastructure projects underway in the region that will change the way we travel. The Bella Vista Bypass and the expansion of Hwy 112 will help local infrastructure stay ahead of the region's growth in years to come.

  • 10,000: The number of cars Hwy 112 sees on a daily basis. The expansion will thin out some of the traffic, but business owners along 112 have some concerns.
  • Closer and closer: The Bella Vista Bypass has been under construction for some time, but the project is nearing its completion. All construction on the roads and on the Razorback Greenway is on schedule for completion this fall.

You can read more about the Hwy 112 and Bella Vista Bypass projects here.


Too Hot to Handle

Ozark Integrated Circuits

Local Fayetteville business, Ozark Integrated Circuits, is making (supersonic) waves. The company recently entered a 3 year contract with DARPA to develop computer technology for hypersonic aircraft.

  • That'll leave a mark: Hypersonic vehicles can reach temperatures up to 1,472 °F and hit speeds upwards of Mach 5. Ozark IC has been tasked with creating electronic systems to "operate reliably under high vibration and at these high temperatures for at least 50,000 hours."
  • (US)A: In collaboration multiple partners, Ozark IC is one link in the "robust supply chain" that is needed to make this project successful. It's also caught the eye of an Arkansas congressional representative.

Read more about the company and the technology HERE.


Culinary Boot Camp

NWA Daily

The local hospitality industry is looking to fill 450 open positions for back-of-house staff, and the Fayetteville Public Library (FPL) wants to help.

  • Learning the basics: FPL is hosting a certification course for potential hospitality candidates in the area. The certified course is a 2-week program aimed at providing rapid and preferred placement for employees at local NWA restaurants.
  • Open space: To be hosted at the FPL's new teaching kitchen, local chefs will train participants in basic knife-handling and kitchen safety over the course of the six class program.

Find out more about the kitchen boot camp HERE.

Health & Wellness

Welcoming Back Wellness

NWA Daily

This Saturday is Walmart Wellness Day in stores across the nation.

  • Health for all: 4,700 Walmarts around the country will bring free health screenings and wellness resources to its customers. After almost 41% of Americans delayed preventive healthcare treatment, the company is eager to offer safe and convenient options for those in need.
  • Variant options: Wellness resources will include affordable immunizations and free COVID-19 vaccinations. Additionally, there are several other vaccine efforts in the region this week/weekend if that is still on your to-do list.

Find out more about what Walmart Wellness Day offers and local vaccine availability HERE.

Regional News

Spending is on the Rise

NWA Daily

The reports are in, and the cities of NWA are liking what they see. Sales tax revenue has grown tremendously since last year, and the region has exceeded pre-pandemic revenue by double-digit percentages for the last three months.

  • More money, no problem: Sales tax revenue from Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale, and Fayetteville totaled $7.57mm, marking an increase of 22.76% from the same time last year.
  • Getting out: With businesses reopening and travel on the rise, economists are encouraged and expecting the increased spending to continue.

You can read all about NWA's recent tax revenue and what's got the region bouncing back HERE.

Story courtesy of Talk Business & Politics

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