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June 30, 2021


Walk Easy

NWA Daily

Changes are coming to downtown Fayetteville that will make the area a better, safer place to walk. The project's aim is "to connect the downtown entertainment district from a pedestrian standpoint."

  • Wider paths: With a $3mm budget for the project, the city will be widening sidewalks in three spots around the downtown area and will include more visible crosswalks and better street lighting in these areas.
  • New and old: The improvements coming to already established parts of Fayetteville will begin next fall, following the completion of a new parking garage and hotel off of Dickson St.

Find out more about how the city is revamping downtown Fayetteville HERE.


Watching the Clock

NWA Daily

Time is always a factor in the retail business. Walmart recently developed an app that will drastically cut times for certain tasks and is making it available to all its employees in the coming months through free cell phones.

  • The app: Me@Walmart was originally designed for employees to clock in and out on company supplied mobile devices. Features to speed up the process of restocking products have since been added.
  • Hotline bling: You get a phone, you get a phone, and you get a phone. As part of the rollout, Walmart will be giving its employees Samsung smartphones equipped with the app. Walmart will cover the costs of the phones, cases, and warranties, but any services (call & text) are on the employees' dime.

Find out more about how this app is helping Walmart save time and increase efficiency HERE. However, not everyone is happy about their phone plan.


Going All In

All in for Josh

Josh Fohner, Springdale native, University of Arkansas alum & Navy veteran, is on the ride of his life, biking from Colorado to Arkansas.

  • His story: Riding from Buena Vista, CO where he was in a cycling accident in 2016, to his hometown in Springdale, he'll be finishing the final stretch of 908 mile All in Tour in Downtown Springdale this Thursday!
  • After party: Join Josh and team at noon in Shiloh Square to cheer him on and treat yourself to free BBQ and live music before he makes his way to the finish line at Lewis and Clark Outfitters in Springdale.

If you haven't been keeping up with his journey back to Arkansas, you should check it out on his IG. You can find more about Josh's journey here - I'm not crying, you are.


It's All Coming Together

NWA Daily

The Momentary is officially a national treasure in the world of public art. Architecture and art are integrated uniquely in the space, making it one of the top 100 public art commissions in the world.

  • On the map: CODAworx annual People's Choice Awards are on, and the old manufacturing plant is competing for top marks as people around the world vote for the most compelling public art works.
  • For the love of art: CODAworx is dedicated to driving "artists, designers, architects, and public officials towards the creation of public art." The awards are just another avenue for appreciating public art projects that are springing up across the globe.

You can show your appreciation for the Momentary by casting your vote HERE. You can hear more about the Momentary's nomination HERE.

Restaurant News

The Rendezvous Point

Rendezvous Junction Brewing Co.

Rendezvous Junction Brewing Co. will be opening a 6,000 sqft brewery and taproom in Rogers next Saturday, July 10, offering a flavorful and unique experience for all its visitors.

  • Barrels of fun: The new space will allow visitors to see the brewing process on full display and chat with the brewers. The brewery may be welcoming a new neighbor sometime soon, which will throw some good food into the mix.
  • On track: The layout of the building boasts a mezzanine that overlooks the walk-in cooler, a patio to be shared with a nearby restaurant, and a steam engine water tower sitting above the bar.

You can read more about Rendezvous Junction Brewing Co.'s new brewery and taproom and the origin story HERE.

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