October 27, 2021

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Problem Solving

NWA Daily

Northwest Arkansas is home to all sorts of innovative ideas and here is just another example...

  • The funding: The National Science Foundation awarded engineers and computer scientists at the University of Arkansas $1.45m to research how artificial intelligence (AI) can be a “driving force” for change in critical infrastructures and industries. 
  • The work: Developing AI for things like energy production is a response to situations such as the blackouts and disruptions in Texas earlier this year due to cold weather conditions. The team at the U of A have an ultimate goal for an entire collaborative program dedicated to research and education. 

For more information, read the full article HERE

Local Government

Board of Education

NWA Daily

Local elections are approaching and they are a great way to be involved in your community. 

  • What: Early voting for the Bentonville School Board election begins today. The question of the continuation of the mill tax in each Zone is on the ballot as well as a decision between two people for a board position in Zone 7. 
  • When and where: You can vote at the County Clerk’s Office in Bentonville or Rogers today through Nov. 1. The official Election Day is on Nov. 2, and 4 additional locations will open up for voting at that time.

Click HERE to see a sample ballot. 


Adding Up Change

NWA Daily

The sales tax revenue for the big four was up almost 20% according to the October report when compared to this time last year.

  • Highs: The collective revenue from Fayetteville, Bentonville, Springdale, and Rogers added up to a little over $8m in the month of August, which is over $1m for the same period in 2020 and in 2019. 
  • Thriving cities: The reported revenue is from the 1% sales tax collected for the sales of goods and services, which then goes toward jobs in the public safety sector. The month of August showed record gains from the four cities. 

Read the full Talk Business & Politics story HERE


Seeing Our Home

NWA Daily

It’s finally starting to look and feel like fall, and we couldn't be more excited.

  • Sights: Not many people can argue with Northwest Arkansas's views when the leaves have changed colors and the Ozark Mountains are bright and warm. With over 500 miles of trails in NWA, there are plenty of opportunities to see the natural beauty on showcase. 
  • Discover: From easy loop trails to a little more adventurous endeavors, Finding NWA is a great resource to discover the best parts of the region. 

Click HERE for a list of 10 hikes with great views. 

Restaurant News

Rescuing The Ribs

NWA Daily

When people start volunteering to work in their favorite local restaurant just to keep it open, you know there’s something special about the food and the community. 

  • The love: Herman’s Ribhouse in Fayetteville has been experiencing labor shortages, which has resulted in the doors being closed on what are usually its busiest days. As result, regulars have been waiting and busing tables for free to keep the rib house open. 
  • The journey: The restaurant is on the land a farmer purchased in 1929 to build a home and raise livestock. The Herman's that we know today opened in 1964 and it still has the same classic BBQ that is so good, it will have you working for free. 

Learn more about Herman’s HERE

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