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July 15, 2022

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Free Adult Bike Riding Lessons Coming To Fayetteville

NWA Daily

Not everyone learned to ride a bike as a kid. Experience Fayetteville and Trailblazers think everyone should have the opportunity to learn, so they're partnering up to offer free bike riding classes for adults. 

  • Learning to ride: The classes are called Adult First Ride and are 1.5 hours designed to teach adults bike riding skills and confidence. Bikes are provided by Pedal it Forward
  • On a bike: Adult First Ride promotes the message that cycling is for everyone and provides an encouraging environment for those who have never ridden a bike. All classes will take place at the Yvonne Richardson Center in Fayetteville. The first class is Saturday, July 16, at 10a. The following two classes are August 21 and September 21. 

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Mercy Offers New Early Cancer Detecting Blood Test

NWA Daily

Mercy Health Systems is offering a new blood test that can detect early signs of more than 50 cancers.

  • Getting ahead: Mercy is one of the first health systems to offer this first-of-a-kind Multi-Cancer Early Detection (MCED) test to patients. The test detects cancers that currently have no recommended screening tests through a simple blood sample and can alert patients to hard-to-detect, aggressive, and often fatal types of cancer. 
  • Proofed: The new MCED test had clinical trials with over 20,000 patients and resulted in “99.5% specificity with one false positive in a sampling of 200 patients.” Technology keeps pushing the boundaries of medicine, and we’re getting to experience it right here. 

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NWA Daily Highlights Aviation In NWA

Fly Oz

It seems like such a distant place — the sky — but it really is more approachable than people realize. Aviation has come such a long way in just over a century, as now, flying is something anyone can do with training and help from local flight schools. 

  • The right airspace: Northwest Arkansas is slowly becoming one of the hottest spots for aviation in the United States – specifically recreational aviation, because of its accessibility and the ideal environment that this part of the country provides. 
  • Going up: Our region is yours to behold like never before, with local experts in your community ready to teach. Though flying in and out of the backcountry is what the region is primarily known for in the aviation scene, NWA also has the ideal infrastructure for learning to fly at any level and in any air space.

Read the full NWA Daily story HERE


Art On The Bricks Brings Nationally Recognized Performing Artists

NWA Daily

Artists, musicians, dancers, hospitality professionals, and more are converging on Downtown Rogers Art on the Bricks Art Walk this Thursday. 

  • Emerging art: There will be galleries and pop-up exhibits throughout Downtown as always, but some special performances are happening during the July 14 Art on the Bricks Art Walk. The evening’s theme is “Piecing It Together,” and it will showcase creatives who are doing just that as they navigate through, and emerge from, a pandemic. 
  • Performances: Dance with me Studio by Aura is partnering with guests from a Eureka Springs theater and event venue to offer live music and dance in Railyard Park. Aura will also partner with members of a nationally recognized performing arts company, The Young Americans, performing music and vocals.

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Cohort Of Startups To Relocate To Bentonville For 12 Weeks

NWA Daily

A cohort of 12 US and International startups will relocate to Bentonville for 12 weeks starting August 2 for Arkansas's premier artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning accelerator, Fuel.

  • From all over: The Fuel Accelerator's goal is to help AI, and Machine Learning startups connect to regional enterprise partners. In its fourth iteration, the accelerator has participating companies from across the US, South Korea, and India and will provide regular, hands-on education and workshops to each of them.
  • Making strides: The 12 cohort companies have technology ranging from digital commerce, supply chain optimization, automated insight discovery, and more. The accelerator will provide the cohort with access to people who will help them thrive and the tools needed to make more significant strides in data science than ever before. 

Learn more about Fuel Accelerator HERE

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