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April 7, 2023

Together With

Today is NWA Gives Day, and the entire newsletter is dedicated to the nonprofits that provide vital community services. Join the epic 12 hours of giving today from 8a to 8p, and show everyone why NWA is the most generous community on earth. Find a local cause you love and donate today!


Everyone Deserves A Happy Birthday

Box of Balloons, Inc.

Ensuring that no child’s birthday goes forgotten or uncelebrated, Box of Balloons is committed to helping families below the poverty level throw a memorable birthday party. 

  • Party on: Each Box of Balloons gift helps ease the financial stress on parents and provides the joy and dignity of making fun party preparations for their child and a few friends on their special day.
  • Fill it up: Their fundraising goal is $15,000, enabling them to provide 12-14 boxes a month for the next year. 

Spread the joy of happy birthdays HERE


Welcoming Refugees And Internationals

Canopy NWA

Northwest Arkansas is home to people from all over the world and is fortunate for the cultural exchange this affords, but those resettling here often need help to feel at home in NWA. 

  • Welcome: Canopy NWA is committed to welcoming and equipping refugees with the services and skills they need to build new lives here in the United States; donations will help provide comprehensive support for our newest neighbors as they arrive and settle into our community!
  • Have a seat: When international students at the U of A and refugee families find themselves in NWA, their homes are often left unfurnished. Furniture Friends is committed to providing quality furniture to those in need and forming relationships with our international friends. 

Find these organizations and others on NWA Gives HERE


Raise Awareness To Prevent Child Abuse

NWA Daily

April is Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month, but these organizations serve those affected by abuse and neglect all year round. 

  • Safe havens: The Children’s Advocacy Center of Benton County and the Children’s Safety Center of Washington County provide everything from advocacy support, forensic interviewing, medical exams, mental health counseling, community educational opportunities, and on-site residential housing. 
  • Forging futures: Groups like the NWA Children’s Shelter provide residential and education services and nutrition programs to help kids attain a brighter future. The EOA Children’s House specifically works with abuse-affected children under five to achieve developmental milestones before entering Kindergarten. 

Find these organizations and others on NWA Gives HERE


Making A Difference In Foster Care

NWA Gives

Organizations like CASA of NWA, standing for Court Appointed Special Advocates, advocate for abused and neglected children in our region, ensuring safe living conditions and a promising future for children in foster care. 

  • Aging out: Micah’s House serves boys aging out of foster care by training skills and forging opportunities to achieve higher education; doing the same for girls, Saving Grace offers hope and transformation to young women aging out of foster care or facing homelessness through relationships, coaching, and opportunities that empower generational change. 
  • Strong families: The CALL is raising funds to open a space in Benton County to provide support to case workers, foster & adoptive families, and biological families; most anticipated is the visitation center where families can meet and connect in a safe, comfortable space. 

Find these organizations and others on NWA Gives HERE


Restore HOPE To Victims Of Human Trafficking

NWA Daily

Hub of HOPE seeks to provide Healing and Opportunities for victims of human trafficking and Prevention and Education for communities, improving our community’s response to victims of human trafficking and exploitation. 

  • Ways to help: They are trying to raise $32,000 to provide practical help for victims of human trafficking — safe shelter, food, clothing, education, life skills, support groups, and much more.
  • Even here: Since 2020, Hub of HOPE has served nearly 100 clients affected by trafficking in Northwest Arkansas and received over 2,000 reports of trafficking through their HELPline calls and texts. 

Give to Hub of HOPE for NWA Gives HERE

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