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June 22, 2021

Real Estate

On the South Side

NWA Daily

The south side of Fayetteville is receiving some TLC. If you've passed through, you've may have noticed two projects underway that may spur development for the area.

Read more about the projects and what they mean for South Fayetteville HERE.


Pack Your Bags

NWA Daily

With summer in full swing, NWA is doing vacation like it's 2019. The Northwest Arkansas National Airport is seeing more leisure travelers going to more locations and a growing demand for flights.

  • All play, no work: XNA expects the number of business travelers to rebound in the coming months, but leisure flights have been taking the reins recently.
  • More to come: Total number of travelers coming through XNA is still down from pre-COVID levels, but the projections look promising. Assuming all direct flights return, along with new flights recently announced, travelers could take "27 routes to 24 unique destinations by October."

Ready to get out of town? Read more about what's been happening at XNA HERE.


Baby Steps to Wellness

NWA Daily

Northwest Arkansas is currently the healthiest economic region in the state but is still considered behind nationally.

  • A lack of security: Educators and policy makers met last week to discuss the nutritional and wellness challenges facing children in the region. According to UAMS' research, over one-eighth of children born in NWA are born into poverty, and 20% of children in Arkansas are considered obese.
  • Planting the seeds: The summit focused on three issues: reducing child obesity, increasing education about mental health, and the risks associated with e-cigarettes and vaping. The notes taken here will be applied to an action plan presented at the NWA Health Summit this October.

You can find out more about the nutritional and wellness challenges that children in NWA are facing HERE.


A Popular Stop

NWA Daily

After about 18 months of silence, the Walmart AMP is about to begin its 2021 Concert Series.

  • The opener: It all begins this Friday with Chicago and their Greatest Hits, the first of many tours to come to the AMP, and it's sure to kick the concert series off on a high note.
  • The set list: Throughout the summer and into the fall, Dave Matthews Band, 3 Doors Down, Thomas Rhett, and even the Jonas Brothers are making stops in NWA, and this list just scratches the surface.

You can view the full list of performances happening in the Cox Concert Series HERE.

Sponsored by Art Feeds

Creativity and Imagination Required

Art Feeds

There's a mystery and you're required to help solve it. Local nonprofit, Art Feeds believes children's creativity and imagination is their greatest resource, which is why they're launching Art Feeds Summer Camp.

  • Detectives needed: In an effort to keep children entertained and engaged this summer, Art Feeds has launched its Camp in a Box. The Art Feeds team will lead the artist detectives through 8 different projects in 4 days of digital camp.
  • 27,000: The number of students impacted from Art Feeds last year in schools. The summer camp is part of an overarching effort to help children process and express feelings in a creative manner. ALL proceeds from Camp in a Box support their Community Assist Program.

Discover more about the Art Feeds Camp and what to expect HERE. The presale ends this Friday (June 25), and scholarships are available.

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