December 4, 2021

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Electric Scooter Trial Rides In Fayetteville

NWA Daily

Scooter provider Veo chose Fayetteville to be the next city to participate in the pilot program for its new electric scooter

  • Try it: What’s new about the scooter you ask? It has a seat, as well as some other additions. As part of Veo’s pilot program, you can ride on the new scooter with a seat tomorrow, Dec. 4, and Dec. 7 for free at the intersection of the Razorback Greenway and Dickson Street.
  • Yay or Nay? In 2021 alone, Fayetteville logged over 200k rides on Veo scooters, so the company deemed Fayetteville a reasonable place to ask for feedback on their new model. Feedback will go to city officials and University of Arkansas staff as well. 

Read the Fayetteville Flyer story HERE


Part 2: Working In NWA

NWA Daily

As a region working hard to cultivate satisfaction and success for residents, Northwest Arkansas is rated as a top place to get ahead professionally. 

  • Step up: NWA is starting to receive more and more press about becoming the “new Austin,” and it’s true. The opportunity for success is growing exponentially. Get Ahead recently put out data regarding the top 10 jobs where promotions are above average, and NWA made the cut in 5 categories.
  • Jobs: People working in Program and Project Management, Business Development, Product Management, Purchasing, and HR are advancing in their careers quickly and are key to the continued success here and beyond.

Read the full Get Ahead article HERE


Part 1: Working In NWA

Tima Miroshnichenko

There has been a shift in the workforce mentality throughout the pandemic, and we’ve seen a lot of opportunities arise in Northwest Arkansas.

  • Hiring: There are currently about 10,000 open jobs in NWA, which is great for those looking or work, but it’s no secret businesses and employers have been hurting. NWA is continually working to become an ideal place for people to live and work, and platforms like are building connections. 
  • Change: There is opportunity for workers to be more picky with how they want to work, what they want to do and where. And employers are adjusting to needs realized and desired by potential hires, bringing collaboration and betterment to work life. 

For more details, click HERE.


Weekend Roundup

NWA Daily

Welcome to December!! There are plenty of festivities going on this weekend, here are a few:

  • Down the street: The last Christmas Parade being put on by Downtown Rogers Inc. is tonight, so go and give it a last hoorah!
  • Farther: Other Christmas Parades this weekend will be in Pea Ridge, Gravette, Siloam Springs, and Eureka Springs.
  • Knick knacks: The Momentary and Fifth St. Studio are putting on a Holiday Market today from 5-10p.
  • Rollin': Go see the decorated Jeeps parading in the streets of Eureka Springs!
  • Two tires: The 3rd out of 4 ALL cross race days is in Rogers this Saturday. Registration is open all day today and tomorrow.
  • And a show: Explore a new place and jam to some live music.
  • Sing: Listen to Caroling on the Creek at the Shiloh Square.
  • Hop: Dress up like Santa or an Elf and bar crawl at SantaCon.
  • He's a mean one: Meet the Grinch and other Whos at the Whoville Extravaganza!

Have fun this weekend! See you Monday!

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