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October 14, 2021

Food & Drink

Tree House Kids Again

NWA Daily

Black Apple opened a new taproom in downtown Bentonville not too long ago called Tree House, and it’s definitely worth checking out. 

  • The place to be: Tree House is kid and dog friendly, offering beverages for both, and is an actual old house full of fun decor you’ll just have to see. There’s a yard in the back with picnic tables, lights, yard games and so much more. 
  • Event: The taproom hosts events pretty regularly, and this Saturday is a fun one. They’ve named it “Anything But A Cup,” inviting people to be creative and bring anything that is not a cup to hold their drinks for the evening. There will be free burgers and hotdogs as well. 

For more about Tree House, click HERE


An Inclusive System


Finding sports for people with disabilities just got a little bit easier in Northwest Arkansas. 

  • Resource: SameSport is a new platform made to build an inclusive community of sports and activities. People with disabilities can search for available sports and recreational centers in the area. 
  • Opportunity: The non-profit Ozark Adaptive Sports Association (Ozasa) is a pioneer in the realm of inclusive sports with Wheelchair Rugby, Basketball, and Tennis/Pickleball, as well as Handcycling programs here in NWA. The founder of Ozasa has a dream to open a facility for adaptive sports.

For more information click HERE

Science & Technology

Doors To The Future

NWA Daily

The University of Arkansas is paving the way of technology in many areas, including that of military night vision technology. 

  • New tech: The US Office of Naval Research awarded researchers at the U of A $4.4m to develop “the next generation of infrared sensors.” The military uses infrared imaging technology for night vision purposes. 
  • Ingenuity: The U of A researchers are going to partner with others to design and build a cheaper and better infrared camera that harnesses light more efficiently. 

Read more about the new high-tech project HERE


For the Minority Owned Businesses

NWA Daily

The Northwest Arkansas Minority Business EXPO will be in town tomorrow highlighting the importance of minority-owned business and celebrating entrepreneurs in the region. 

  • Network: There will be professional development seminars, a Hispanic Heritage Celebration Happy Hour, a competition where entrepreneurs will pitch their business ideas, and plenty of opportunity to network in the Exhibit Hall.
  • When and where: The event is tomorrow from 2-7p at the Metroplex Event Center in Rogers and is free to the public. Go and discover new places to shop and local businesses to support!

For more info and the event schedule, click HERE

Sponsored by Namida Lab

Tear Tour

Namida Lab

Namida Lab is partnering with local breweries around the region to collect tears to further its breast cancer research.

  • Research: The campaign is the “Tears on Tap Tour,” and is an effort to further Namida Lab’s mission to develop novel breast cancer diagnostics based on tear proteins. Sample collection takes about 5 minutes. 
  • Beers for tears: The lab is setting up in over 13 different breweries over the month of October collecting tears. And for every participant Namida Lab will cover the cost of one drink. Participants must be 21+. 

Learn more and see the schedule HERE.

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