Shopping Spree

August 7, 2021


Cool Jobs in NWA

On the job hunt? Check out these new jobs posted to our community board this week:

  • Ozark Literacy Council is seeking a Office Manager
  • Shire Post Mint in West Fork needs a Coin Smith
  • Northwest Health is looking for Registered Nurses

Have a job you're looking to fill? Post it here for FREE, and we might feature it next week!


Talking Passengers

NWA Daily

Everything seems to be on the up and up for XNA - passengers, number of direct flights, and now an additional gate.

  • 9: The number of new direct flights on XNA's menu. As a result, the airport plans to extend its apron - the spot where aircraft park to board and un-board.
  • Road to recovery: As peak travel season comes to a close, XNA expects number of passengers to drop nearly 40% compared to 2019 numbers. However, when compared to June of last year, enplanements rose 249%.

Read more about XNA and where all you can fly HERE.


Tax Free Shopping Spree

NWA Daily

With school right around the corner, Arkansas wants to help you stretch your dollar by making this weekend the 2021 Sales Tax Holiday.

  • Thankful: It's kind of like getting $5 in the mail from grandma, it's the thought that counts. For Saturday and Sunday only, if you shop specific school related items, there won't be any local or state tax at checkout.
  • E for electronics: For the first time ever, electronics like phones, computers, and calculators are included. Other items included are clothes, school supplies and almost anything else you'd need for the first day of school.

Find the entire list and details about hours of the event HERE.

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