Sleepless In Bentonville

October 28, 2022

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Restaurant News

Pho Kitchen Grill And Bar Coming To Rogers

Pho Kitchen Grill & Bar

Pho Kitchen Grill & Bar is about to open in Rogers at 4505 W. Walnut St. 

  • The Menu: Pho Kitchen will serve fresh, authentic Vietnamese cuisine, delicious teas, and fun fusion cocktails. Take a look at their menu on their Facebook. 
  • It’s a secret: The restaurant has not publicly released the date of their grand opening, but you can join their VIP club to be the first to know. 

Keep up with Pho Kitchen on Facebook HERE

Sponsored by Ozark Compost & Swap

Ozark Compost Makes Sustainable Living Easy

Ozark Compost & Swap

Ozark Compost & Swap is on a mission to make sustainable living convenient through doorstep composting and package-free product delivery. Already, the company has diverted over 30,000lbs of residential food waste from landfills. 

  • Composting: Ozark Compost & Swap does all the dirty work for you by delivering a 5-gallon bucket to your doorstep to be filled with compostable items, then picks up the bucket and swaps it for a clean one. All you have to do is choose a bi-weekly or weekly pick-up!
  • Refillable Products: The company offers refillable Airship coffee delivery and refillable household cleaning products in an effort to eliminate single-use plastics. 

Sign up HERE and use the discount code NWADAILY to receive a complimentary one-month trial of a bi-weekly pick-up.


Take A Tour Of NWA's Public Art Scene

NWA Daily

Have you seen any new murals around NWA lately? We've compiled a guide of our favorite murals to give you a taste of what's out there!

  • Art on the streets: Murals can play a unique role in revitalizing forgotten spaces in a city by drawing a community of people together around engaging artwork.
  • Almost finished: Local muralist Jason Jones is making the finishing touches to his new project on the side of the upcoming Best Friends Pet Resource Center in Bentonville.  

Check out our NWA Daily’s Art Mural Guide HERE


Meg Ryan Film Begins Production At XNA

NWA Daily

Hollywood stars Meg Ryan and David Duchovny were spotted at XNA airport yesterday filming for an upcoming movie. 

  • How romantic: “What Happens Later” is a rom-com directed by and starring Meg Ryan, and will begin production in Bentonville. 
  • Reunited airlines: XNA will presumably be a primary film location as the description involves a pair of former lovers reconnecting after finding themselves snowed in at an airport overnight. 

Read more about the upcoming film HERE


American Airlines Adds Direct Route From XNA To Phoenix

NWA Daily

This weekend, American Airlines announced plans to add a daily, nonstop flight from XNA to Phoenix Sky Harbor beginning Feb 3, 2023.

  • Fight or flight: American added the Phoenix route just days after Breeze Airways announced their own plans for a direct flight to the “Valley of the Sun.”
  • King of the hill: There are now three carriers offering direct flights from XNA to PHX between American, Breeze, and Allegiant. Allegiant has held the majority of the PHX travel, but American has long been XNA’s dominant carrier. 

Keep up with travel information on Fare Flight NWA HERE

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