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August 6, 2021


New Best Cycling Base Camp

Natural State Rock & Republic

A base camp by definition is a strategic area where someone prepares for adventure. When it comes to cycling there are some amazing ones - Natural State Rock & Republic is one of those special places.

  • New style of stay: Located near downtown Springdale, Natural State Rock & Republic was selected by Outsider Magazine as one of America's "Best New Cycling Base Camps". Opened earlier this year by a husband wife duo, this idea is more than just cycling, it's holistic hospitality.
  • Making it possible: Staying here gives you access to exclusive community rides, gear, and a cycling studio for your training or enjoyment.

Read more about this cycling base camp catching eyes HERE.

Sponsored by Peel Compton Foundation

A Day at Osage

Peel Compton Foundation

Osage Park - that cool new park located by that cool new airport in Bentonville - is celebrating itself by inviting you, your neighbors, and their neighbors for a one day event.

  • On point: Be one of the first to tour The Quiver Archery Range, a world class facility to host classes and coaching. If archery isn't your thing, you can have a free float courtesy of Bentonville Parks and Rec.
  • Off the leash: The wait is (almost) over - the Osage dog park is opening Aug. 28 with a few treats provided by local dog vendors.

There are plenty of other activities available as well. Learn more about the event HERE.

Restaurant News

Setting the Mood


Been looking for that perfect date night spot in Northwest Arkansas but haven't found it yet? Well, according to Tripadvisor, Le Stick Nouveau may be your solution.

  • Just try me: Tripadvisor recently released its "Best of the Best" for 2021. On that list at No.3 for the best "U.S. Date Night Award Winner", was Eureka Spring's Le Stick Nouveau.
  • Crowd pleaser: Results were calculated by the quality and quantity of traveler reviews and ratings by folks who visited the restaurant between Jan, 2020 and April 2021.

The restaurant is located below the New Orleans Hotel, but you can also find it HERE.


We're Rolling

NWA Daily

Local, iconic nonprofit, Arkansas Public Theatre and StudioChunky are bringing the first annual Rogers Short Film Festival to NWA later this month.

  • Reels on reels: The inaugural short film festival is for more than those with short attention spans, on Aug 21, Victory Theater will be rolling films all afternoon celebrating the finalists selected.
  • The showoff: The event provides a platform for filmmakers to practice and celebrate their visual craft. If you've got something you want to show off, you can submit your film here for review before Aug 18.

Find out more about the inaugural showing HERE.


In on the Action

NWA Daily

With two iconic national and international races on the horizon, Centennial Park is shaping up to become a race venue unlike anything Arkansas has ever seen.

  • Let's go racing: Centennial Park - which hosted two weekends in a row of pro mountain bike racing in April just received an additional $1.4m grant from the Walton Family Foundation.
  • A $2.3m grant from 2019 plus additional funding will be used for a UCI World Cup event this Oct, and the UCI World Championship race will crown 2022's world champion in Jan with expected TV viewership reaching 50m.

Find out more about the world-class cyclocross races coming to Centennial Park HERE.

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