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July 16, 2021


SOMO Artspace Lofts

KDA Architects

A new development project in Bentonville called SOMO, or South of the Momentary, was announced yesterday by a non-profit architecture firm and design group out of Minnesota called Artspace Projects.

  • Work life: This new 50-unit mixed-use project is live/work housing for artists in downtown Bentonville.
  • Reasonably priced creativity: SOMO Artspace Lofts will provide affordable housing for artists, creatives and their families and provide vital infrastructure to help sustain a rapidly growing creative workforce in an emerging arts destination.

"We are excited to welcome Artspace to Bentonville..". Us too, this will be fun! Read more about the new development HERE.


Saying Farewell

NWA Daily

Goodbyes aren't ever fun, especially when you have to say 9 of them. Arkansas Baseball had a total of 9 draft picks in the 2021 MLB draft earlier this week.

  • The DL: 9 selections was the second-most of any college program in the country, as well as the most of any SEC school.
  • How it shook out: The first to go was Kevin Kopps at No. 99. The 6 Arkansas pitchers drafted "(Kopps, Costeiu, Wicklander, Lockhart, Monke and Trest) is the most the program has ever had selected in the first 20 rounds of the MLB Draft."

Best of luck gents, and thanks for the memories. WPS!

Arts & Music

Sound of Music

American Patchwork Quartet

The Walton Arts Center made a splash earlier this week, announcing the Starrlight Jazz Club and West Street Live series.

  • West Street Live: This series features 5 renowned bands and musicians performing genres from traditional roots music to immigrant folk songs. Performances begin Oct 21.
  • Starrlight Jazz Club: Will host popular musicians in an intimate jazz club atmosphere with cabaret-style vibes. The first performance is set for Sept 10.

Discover more about both new series offered by WAC HERE.

Outdoor Activities

Economic Flotation

NWA Daily

Last year many folks turned the outdoors as a source of entertainment. The Buffalo National River was a popular destination, with more than 1.5mm visitors in total last year - that's half of Arkansas's population!

  • Cash flow: Visitors to the Buffalo in 2020 spent more than $66mm at or near the park. This supported almost 1k jobs in the area with a $76mm economic impact in total.
  • Quote: The "Buffalo National River is a one of a kind Arkansas jewel that attracts visitors from all over the country... It is great to see our local communities benefit from the positive economic impacts from park visitors.” 

You can find the full study and more about Arkansas's jewel HERE.

NWA Shoutouts

The Bartender's Recommendation

NWA Daily

What do you recommend? Next time you're looking to try a new (or old) beer, you might consider turning to the Ozark American Pale Ale by Ozark Beer Co - or at least that's what Uproxx recommends.

  • Background: When it comes to a few favorite beer recommendations from national bartenders, the pale ale stood out. In short, "a pale ale is simply a top-fermented beer that’s brewed using pale malts."
  • The review: Ozark Beer Co.'s "pale ale is a real winner. It’s crisp, hoppy, and perfect for warm-weather drinking."

Do you agree? Send us your best pale ale recommendation and we can sort this out together.

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