Taking It Slow

November 6, 2021

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Weekend Roundup

NWA Daily

Congratulations, you've made it to the weekend! Here are some things happening:

  • Classical: Dress up and go to the first SoNA performance of the season.
  • Celebrate: Ozark Beer Co. is having an anniversary party, and you're invited!
  • Jam sesh: Live music is happening tonight at Turnbow Park.
  • Market: Shop for gifts at the NWA Holiday Market today and tomorrow.
  • Waters: The opening lecture for the latest Crystal Bridges exhibit is tonight.
  • Take a stroll: Creatives will be on the streets of Springdale again this evening.
  • Festive: Silver Dollar City's traditional celebration begins tomorrow with two new productions.
  • Sounds: The music is everywhere, you just have to follow it.

Ciao for now! See you next week. ✌️


Cruise City

NWA Daily

The Fayetteville City Council passed an ordinance to change the default residential speed limit, and it takes effect this Saturday, Nov. 6. 

  • Slower: The speed limit will be lowered from 25 to 20 mph, which is a speed that has been shown to decrease pedestrian deaths by half. The change will apply to the residential streets that do not currently have speed limit signs. 
  • Patrol: There will be a 30 day grace period for speeding violations in the areas affected by the change. Traffic patrol will increase by requests, which can be made through the Fayetteville Police Department non-emergency number: 479-587-3555.

For more information, click HERE

Sponsored by Downtown Springdale Alliance

For Those Who Came Before

Downtown Springdale Alliance

The Latin Art Organization of Arkansas is hosting a Day of the Dead celebration tomorrow from 12-7p to end the festive week of remembering the lives of Mexican ancestors.

  • Tradition: There will be a Catrinas Processional that will go through downtown Springdale, starting and ending at Shiloh Square. A mariachi band and ballet dancers will perform at the end of the procession to officially open the Día de Muertos celebration.
  • Exhibition: A new Arts One Presents exhibit at the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History will open in conjunction with the celebration and will feature approximately 30 works from artists of Latin ancestry and allies of the culture and tradition. 

For more information about the Día de Muertos celebration, click HERE


Going Solar

NWA Daily

The City of Rogers is starting on the journey toward 100% renewable energy, making it the first city in Arkansas to do so. 

  • Solar: Over the next 18 months, the city will be executing a $12.2m solar panel project. The panels will be installed at the recycling center, fire station no. 8, and the police department. 
  • Saving: The panels generate a 1 for 1 savings on each watt of energy produced. Over 30 years, the solar panels’ life span, the city is predicted to save $12.95m in energy costs. 

For more information, click HERE

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