Team Effort

August 13, 2021

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Beyond the Backdoor

Explore Eden

Explore Eden, a Fayetteville-based startup, is making your outdoor experience easier and more enjoyable with an all-in-one camping service that allows you to choose your next perfect outdoor getaway.

  • Great outdoors: The company was founded on the idea that you should be able to venture to beautiful landscapes that offer unique features and total privacy. With sites listed by land trusts, private owners and other partners, each location provides a unique experience.
  • Have property you'd like to list? Landowners can earn passive income on their land while unlocking beautiful properties for outdoor enthusiast to enjoy.

Read more about the Fayetteville startup and plan your next camping trip HERE.

Restaurant News

Home Grown Success

NWA Daily

Ever curious of how local restaurant Slim Chickens got started? Tom Gordon, CEO and co-founder of Slim Chickens, tells all on local podcast I am Northwest Arkansas.

  • Ahead of the curve: Gordon gained experience working at restaurants and bars across the U.S., and when his co-founder Greg Smart mentioned the growth of NWA, the two formulated a plan.
  • True hospitality: Good food and good service are a given for successful restaurants, but Slims aims to go beyond industry standards. By creating experiences that are as good for team members as they are for guests, the company is bringing true hospitality to communities that fall under its growing wingspan.

Listen to the story of Slim Chickens told by the co-founder on the podcast HERE.

Arts & Culture

$10m Worth of Experiences

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Crystal Bridges has received generous support from the Pamela and Wayne Garrison Family Foundation as they strive to create more family experiences through art.

  • Art for all ages: With this $10mm donation, the museum and Garrison Family Foundation will bring more of these magical moments to families across NWA.
  • New lobby: The museum's newly renovated Garrison Lobby, named after the family, includes many amenities that will enhance visitors' experiences.

You can learn more about the donation HERE.


Race You to the Top

NWA Daily

Bentonville may be known as the Mountain Bike Capital of the World, but it's taking this title one step further. By next spring, the city will also be home to the world's first bikeable building.

  • Filling the ledger: The new building, named Ledger, will be 6 stories tall and will feature a bike accessible ramp along the outside of the building.
  • Up and out: One goal of the project is to spur more growth in downtown Bentonville, extending the area south and enabling more nontraditional workspaces for the rapidly changing city. The Ledger is slated to finish in early 2022.

Learn more about the Ledger with a video shot by Downtown Bentonville Inc. HERE.


Rules of the Game

NWA Daily

We've probably all seen local companies announce college athlete endorsement deals under the new name, image, and likeness (NIL) guidelines. The U of A wants to help businesses understand how it could benefit them as well.

  • The big two: One of the biggest hindrances to businesses wanting to play the NIL game is money, but not all deals have to amount to half-a-million dollars. If you're a business that finds an athlete with similar values and interests, there is little stopping you from making an offer and building your own team.
  • It's a new game: While federal laws have yet to be put in place, NCAA rules, university policies, and various state laws set the boundaries for this new field.

You can find more information on NIL agreements and how they can benefit all teams involved HERE.

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