The Power Of Play

September 27, 2022

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Restaurant News

Markham And Fitz Chocolate Wins International Award

NWA Daily

Markham and Fitz Chocolate won the Silver International Chocolate Award of the Americas for 2021-22 for one of their absolutely scrumptious recipes. 

  • Wholly cow...less: Receiving the award was the No. 1 Fan chocolate bar, a vegan-friendly milk chocolate bar that’ll have you thinking you’re eating a chocolate silk pie. 
  • Worldwide: In addition to winning awards on the global stage, Markham and Fitz had two of their chocolate bars featured by VOGUE World at New York Fashion Week.

Treat yourself to some unbelievable chocolate HERE


Blessings Golf Club Explores Potential To Host LIV Golf Tournament

NWA Daily

John Tyson has been in talks with Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, about hosting a tournament at the Blessings Golf Club. 

  • It’s a blessing: Tyson Foods chairman and owner of the Blessings Golf Club, John Tyson has been a long-time supporter of amateur and collegiate golfers. Now he’s looking to open the course to some of the world’s best golfers. 
  • Bring in the pros: LIV Golf, the exciting and somewhat controversial new professional golf tour, is in the early stages of its inaugural season. We’ll see if they make their way to the Blessings, adding yet another reason for the world to take notice of all NW Arkansas has to offer! 

Read the full Talk Business & Politics article HERE

Small Business

ReWild The Child NWA Empowers Kids Through Adventure And Play

ReWild The Child NWA

Connecting pediatric occupational therapy with the unmatched beauty of NWA's outdoors, ReWild the Child NWA is empowering kids through adventurous experiences that help them reconnect with nature and detox from screen time.

  • The power of play: Research has proved that outdoor play has numerous therapeutic benefits including improved attention, improved mood, decreased feelings of depression and anxiety, decreased stress, improved endurance, and decreased risk of obesity.
  • Camps and events: Aside from their ongoing occupational therapy services, ReWild the Child also offers camps and events for kids to reconnect with nature and increase imaginative play skills while encouraging organic play in the great outdoors.

Follow them for fun updates HERE

Small Business

NW Arkansas’ Black Paper Party Recognized For Entrepreneurship And Perseverance

NWA Daily

NW Arkansas-based Black Paper Party was recognized by Bloomberg in a write-up highlighting examples of inspiring and resilient businesses that opened during the pandemic. 

  • Party on: Sharing a deep commitment to inclusion and representation, Madia Willis, Jasmine Hudson, and J’Aaron Merchant combined their unique skills in product development, textile design, supply-chain management, financial planning, and art and graphic design to create Black Paper Party
  • Represent: Black Paper Party creates black-culture-themed gift wraps, ornaments, and textiles which are available at Target and various retailers, their website, and will hit the shelves at Walmart on Oct. 1st. 

Read Bloomberg’s write-up HERE


Committee Approves Hotel Plan For South Fayetteville

NWA Daily

Fayetteville approved plans for the construction of a 7-story, 56,000-square-foot hotel on the former Farmers Cooperative site in South Fayetteville. 

  • South Yard: The hotel becomes part of the larger plan to convert the property at the corner of MLK Blvd. and S. School Ave into a mixed-use development space called South Yard, including housing, commercial space, and restaurants like Central BBQ and Taco & Tamale.  
  • Preservation: Planning the adaptive reuse of the 1950s co-op building, Specialized Real Estate Group aims to preserve the character and history of the site.

Read the full story HERE

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