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September 15, 2021

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A Gala at Town Center

American Cancer Society

Suits and Sneakers is a Coaches vs. Cancer initiative that exists as a nationwide, weeklong event with the intent to unite basketball coaches across the country in the fight against cancer.

  • Party shoes: The Northwest Arkansas inaugural Suits & Sneakers Gala event is on Friday, Oct. 15 at the Fayetteville Town Center. Cocktail dresses, suits, and sneakers will be the attire for the evening full of food and drinks.
  • Common cause: The event will have a pep-rally atmosphere with lots of fun, but more importantly it will be supporting childhood cancer research, services and awareness. So save the date!

Learn more HERE.


Pedaling Kiddos

NWA Daily

We teach them young around here. Kids as young as 2 years old are participating in Buddy Pegs events, gaining confidence to ride as well as resilience in their day to day lives. 

  • Kid series: Registration is open for the Pedal Kids Race Series that will take place on four different weekends from Oct. 9 to Dec. 11. The race days will have categories for ages 2-12 with races for bikes with no pedals, pedals, no gears, and gears. 
  • Family fun: The atmosphere is intended to be stress free and fun for whole families to enjoy. Costumes, cow bells, and coolers are encouraged. The race on Oct. 9 will be at the Buddy Pegs Family Ride HQ.

Learn more and register your racer HERE


Work, Play, Learn

Fayetteville Public Library

The Fayetteville Public Library’s mission of free access to knowledge is going beyond a book with the opening of The J.B and Johnelle Hunt Family Center for Innovation

  • Creative spaces: The center provides access to a variety of technology and educational resources for artistic pursuit as well as job skill-building with studio spaces for fabrication, robotics, digital, audio, and visual development.
  • Learn to play: The 5,000 sq/ft space is free for the community to use, though several areas require people to take an orientation class before the space is accessible to them. You can sign up for classes online. 

Learn more about the Center for Innovation HERE.


For Our Ears Again

Prairie Street Live

Though we can’t experience all the glory of a Fleetwood Mac concert anymore, we can get the next best thing with the tribute band Deepwood Mac

  • Come together: The idea for this assimilation of artists in Deepwood Mac to perform in Fayetteville has been in the making for over a year. Members of Dandelion Heart, Deep Sequence, Monk is King and so many more are coming together to re-create iconic music right here in NWA.
  • The place to be: They will be performing this Friday, Sept. 17 at Prairie Street Live. Tickets are $15 online and will be $20 at the door. See you there! 

Get your tickets HERE


Education Ranking

NWA Daily

Now in its 37th edition, US News and World Report released its 2022 Best College Rankings.

Discover where other schools landed HERE.

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