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October 12, 2021


It's Pumpkin Time

NWA Daily

Arkansas might be waiting to give us some weather that feels like fall, but it has provided plenty of pumpkins in pumpkin patches around the region. 

  • The list: The McGarrah Farms Pumpkin Patch, the Reagan Family Farm, Farmland Adventures, and more are all open for at least the rest of the month, some longer. 
  • There's more: These farms in NWA always have something else up their sleeves at their pumpkin patches, like corn mazes and games and hay rides. So go get some pumpkins and have yourself a good autumn time!

See a list of pumpkin patches and their hours HERE.

Sponsored by Rejoicy

Market Comes To You


Can’t make it out to the farmers market this weekend? Rejoicy has got you covered. 

  • Local: Rejoicy is a platform that promotes local businesses by enabling you to access an online marketplace with curated items solely from Northwest Arkansas. 
  • Fast and easy: Shop around online just like you would at the farmers market and place an order by noon on Friday for free delivery by Saturday morning! 

Check out the marketplace HERE


Courses for Courses

Arkansas Tech University (ATU) and Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) are partnering together to provide “enhanced opportunities” at ATU for the graduates of NWACC. 

  • Direct path: With the agreement, 8 different associate degrees at NWACC can be transferred to ATU to complete an option of 8 different bachelor’s degrees. 
  • Options: NWACC also has a number of degrees that are designed to be transferred to the University of Arkansas

Check out NWACC’s Degree & Certificate plans HERE


Is Cryptocurrency the Future?

NWA Daily

The University of Arkansas Blockchain Center of Excellence held a discussion last week about the values and ethics of blockchain systems and where they might go in the future. 

  • What: Blockchain is essentially a system of recording information that is nearly impossible to hack and is associated with cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. The Blockchain Center of Excellence is working toward the integration of blockchain into businesses. 
  • Why: What is inspiring to those at the U of A is the system enables hyper-user control, which, in addition to the security measures, decentralizes "power and control” in the tech field.

Read the Talk Business & Politics Story HERE


A Region of Riders

NWA Daily

The Love to Ride Cycle September results are out, and Northwest Arkansas showed up on national leaderboards. 

In the lead: Workplaces in NWA won 1st place in 5 out of 6 of the national categories. And global leaderboards ranking the top 10 in different categories featured 12 NWA organizations

A riding state: The number of NWA participants in Cycle September increased 50% from last year. Arkansas as a state placed 1st in the 2-4m residents category, outriding Utah, Connecticut, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

Click HERE to see the NWA rankings. 

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