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October 8, 2021


Slow Glow

NWA Daily

Don’t forget it’s First Thursday in Fayetteville today, and the theme is “Light.” 

  • Late night hang: The event is going an hour later tonight to soak up the last light of the day. Food and vendors will be available until 8:30p like normal, and the music will continue until 9:30p for folks to hang around and enjoy. 
  • Light it up: Along with all the art, music, and food there will be a “Slow Roll Glow Ride” this evening with free glow sticks and lights to decorate your bike. If you don’t have a bike, e-scooters are more than welcome to join. 

For more information about today’s event, click HERE

Sponsored by Namida Lab

Tears for Beers

Namida Lab

Namida Lab is a local biotech company in Fayetteville conducting the “Tears on Tap Tour” throughout the month of October to further its cancer research. 

  • Samples: Namida Lab’s mission is to develop cancer diagnostics from the proteins in tears. Unlike blood samples, tears cannot be purchased, so they must be collected as needed - hence the tour.
  • For research: The tour starts today at the first of 13 breweries in NWA and will run through Oct. 30. Namida Lab will cover the cost of one drink for individuals 21+ in exchange for a tear sample, which takes about 5 min. 

Learn more about Namida Lab and Tears on Tap HERE

Arts & Entertainment

Fayetteville Film Festival Lineup

NWA Daily

The 13th annual Fayetteville Film Festival (FFF) is taking place virtually and in person Nov. 11-13.

  • Watch: There will be 10 narrative and documentary films and 40 short films at the festival. The in-person viewing locations are the the Global Campus theatre at the University of Arkansas and the Pryor Center in the Fayetteville Town Square. 
  • Engage: The festival will have panel discussions with filmmakers both in-person and on streaming platforms, which will be accessible through the FFF website. Passes and advance individual tickets will go on sale Monday Oct. 11. 

For more information, click HERE


A Way to Give

NWA Daily

In an effort to help with the food insecurity in the district, the Springdale School District is going to open a new food pantry

  • Giving back: A former Springdale High School graduate made the pantry possible by donating $400,000. It will be called The Treehouse Pantry and will be a way to assist students and families within the school district.
  • Donate: Anyone who wants to donate food or hygiene products to the pantry can contact the Springdale School District. A dedication ceremony for the pantry will take place on Oct. 25.

For more information, click HERE.


Permitted to Build

NWA Daily

We’ve seen this week that there is a need for housing in Northwest Arkansas. Here are some numbers to put it all in context.

  • Build: For the first 8 months of 2021, the 4 largest cities in NWA have had more building permits issued than the same amount of time last year by nearly a third. There have been a collective 1,337 residential building permits issued this year through August. 
  • Value: The City of Fayetteville was granted the most permits with 517. Rogers is next with 367. Bentonville received 258, and Springdale, 195. The combined value of permits is over $424m, which is up 46.6% from last year.

Click HERE for the Talk Business & Politics story. 

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