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October 8, 2021

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Permitted to Build

NWA Daily

We’ve seen this week that there is a need for housing in Northwest Arkansas. Here are some numbers to put it all in context.

  • Build: For the first 8 months of 2021, the 4 largest cities in NWA have had more building permits issued than the same amount of time last year by nearly a third. There have been a collective 1,337 residential building permits issued this year through August. 
  • Value: The City of Fayetteville was granted the most permits with 517. Rogers is next with 367. Bentonville received 258, and Springdale, 195. The combined value of permits is over $424m, which is up 46.6% from last year.

Click HERE for the Talk Business & Politics story. 

Arts & Entertainment

Fayetteville Film Festival Lineup

NWA Daily

The 13th annual Fayetteville Film Festival (FFF) is taking place virtually and in person Nov. 11-13.

  • Watch: There will be 10 narrative and documentary films and 40 short films at the festival. The in-person viewing locations are the the Global Campus theatre at the University of Arkansas and the Pryor Center in the Fayetteville Town Square. 
  • Engage: The festival will have panel discussions with filmmakers both in-person and on streaming platforms, which will be accessible through the FFF website. Passes and advance individual tickets will go on sale Monday Oct. 11. 

For more information, click HERE


A Way to Give

NWA Daily

In an effort to help with the food insecurity in the district, the Springdale School District is going to open a new food pantry

  • Giving back: A former Springdale High School graduate made the pantry possible by donating $400,000. It will be called The Treehouse Pantry and will be a way to assist students and families within the school district.
  • Donate: Anyone who wants to donate food or hygiene products to the pantry can contact the Springdale School District. A dedication ceremony for the pantry will take place on Oct. 25.

For more information, click HERE.


Slow Glow

NWA Daily

Don’t forget it’s First Thursday in Fayetteville today, and the theme is “Light.” 

  • Late night hang: The event is going an hour later tonight to soak up the last light of the day. Food and vendors will be available until 8:30p like normal, and the music will continue until 9:30p for folks to hang around and enjoy. 
  • Light it up: Along with all the art, music, and food there will be a “Slow Roll Glow Ride” this evening with free glow sticks and lights to decorate your bike. If you don’t have a bike, e-scooters are more than welcome to join. 

For more information about today’s event, click HERE

Sponsored by Namida Lab

Tears for Beers

Namida Lab

Namida Lab is a local biotech company in Fayetteville conducting the “Tears on Tap Tour” throughout the month of October to further its cancer research. 

  • Samples: Namida Lab’s mission is to develop cancer diagnostics from the proteins in tears. Unlike blood samples, tears cannot be purchased, so they must be collected as needed - hence the tour.
  • For research: The tour starts today at the first of 13 breweries in NWA and will run through Oct. 30. Namida Lab will cover the cost of one drink for individuals 21+ in exchange for a tear sample, which takes about 5 min. 

Learn more about Namida Lab and Tears on Tap HERE

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