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August 3, 2021

Together With

The Ledger team is excited to meet you THIS Friday (Aug. 6) at Bentonville’s First Friday event. They will have a booth set up to chat about all things Ledger. Eager to hear more before you meet them? Click HERE to learn more about their offerings. Look for them on Friday - they might have cookies, coffee and critters for you to explore as well!


Starting Our Descent

Ern Low

Things are looking cheaper for travelers flying through XNA.

You can read more about the big savings HERE.

Story courtesy of Fare Flight NWA


Celebrating Compton Days

NWA Daily

Starting today, Compton Gardens and Arboretum is hosting a week of activities to honor Bentonville native Dr. Neil Compton, an annual celebration.

  • Dr. Compton Days: With trail activities, free ice cream, garden tours, and more, the event offers beautiful sights and fun for all ages.
  • Native masterpiece: Compton Gardens is home to Crystal Spring and the "hillside where [Dr. Compton] cultivated native plants." In addition, his work to preserve the Buffalo River and the beauty of NWA is remembered by an exhibit in museum.

Find out more about the Dr. Compton Days celebrations HERE.


Cycling Starts Small

City of Bentonville

Northwest Arkansas is known for its mountain biking trails and cycling culture, and the region has the resources to instill that culture from a young age.

  • According to a recent report by CBC Kids, the Bentonville Bicycle Playground was recognized as one of the best kid-friendly bike parks worldwide. The playground, designed in Nov. 2016, includes bridges, tunnels, and a pump track.
  • City of cycling: The park is joined by two other parks, one in Rogers and another in Springdale, and is on a mission to get kids on their bikes as soon as possible.

Discover more about the Bentonville Bicycle Playground HERE.

Sponsored by Woo Pig Mooie BBQ

A Labor of Love

NWA Daily

Celebrating its 1 year anniversary, Woo Pig Mooie is an under-the-radar BBQ spot to add to your list.

  • In the family: In the heart of Centerton, smoke pit and all, this BBQ joint might quickly become one of your favorites. Greeted by Joyce and Jimmy, you'll discover this family owned service is seasoned with love.
  • Consider catering: Our recommendation - anything Jimmy smokes, doused in his house made sauce, finished off with a slice of Joyce's bunt cake.

Celebrate their anniversary with them this month by mentioning NWA Daily, and you'll receive 10% off!


Dog Daze of Summer

Experience Fayetteville

First Thursday is making its way back to Fayetteville this week for the first of three festivals on the square. The event is completely free and open to all the families and pets.

  • Theme night: The theme for this month is Dog Daze of Summer, and the title says it all. If you've got a pup, make sure to dress them up for the dog costume contest.
  • Fun-ville square: Festivities this year include local art on display, live music, food trucks, and more. The event is also hosting a free vaccination clinic for anyone over the age of 12. The themes for the next couple months are "Tight Knit" and "Light."

Read more about the First Thursday August festivities HERE.

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