With a Bang

August 5, 2021


The Delta Effect

NWA Daily

Amid rising Covid cases, experts are looking to local schools to assess potential damage to the economy.

  • Time to reevaluate: Studies are showing that new Covid cases among children under ten have been increasing in recent weeks, prompting Gov. Hutchinson and Arkansas to reevaluate the act prohibiting "local school districts from enforcing mask mandates."
  • Safety first: Because children under twelve can't get vaccinated, Fayetteville Public Schools noted that they would prefer mask mandates.

Still looking for the vaccine? You can view the vaccine calendar HERE.


Falling for the Ozarks

Downtown Springdale Alliance

Downtown Springdale has announced Ozarktober is returning for its 5th annual celebration of fall in the Ozarks this October.

  • Light up the sky: Events at this year's Ozarktober celebration include live music, bonfires, and a beer garden party. All gatherings will take place at outdoor venues around the downtown area.
  • Ozarktober: This is the perfect time of the year to celebrate the outdoors heritage and community with music, bonfires, and fun.

You can read more about the Ozarktober fun HERE.

Regional News

The Best Bang for Your Buck

NWA Daily

Assemble, a compensation platform, has compiled a list of U.S. cities where your money will go the furthest. Of the 15 cities on the list, NWA metro area ranked No. 9.

  • Return on investments: The region boasts 7x the national average of "headquarters and management employees" for Fortune 500 companies and scored high marks for supporting local entrepreneurs.
  • The criteria: The ranking is based on costs of fuel, groceries, and other basic necessities for modern life, including job opportunities and average income.

Read more about what makes NWA so great HERE.

Sponsored by Bella Vista POA

Community Watering Hole

Bella Vista POA

With nearly 100 miles of trail in Bella Vista, having a place to stop is key. Located near the trailhead of the Back 40 trail system and in Blowing Springs Park is a special stop with one of a kind beer.

  • Beer Garden: The Gear Garden, which had its grand opening last week, is officially open for business, stocked with special edition Trailhead Lager by Bentonville Brewing Co.
  • Time to chill: Open from 2p-dusk Wednesday-Sunday, this spot might have some of the best Ozark vibes in the region for an early happy hour. We won't tell the boss.

Learn more about the Gear Garden and the trail system around it HERE.

Restaurant News

Underground Cocktails

NWA Daily

Undercroft Bar is sneaking its flavorful cocktails into Bentonville through its underground bar space. Located beneath Preacher's Son, the bar is disguised by the building's history and is truly unique to NWA.

  • National recognition: If this bar was your oasis, the secret is out, as Undercroft was selected by Garden & Gun as one of the Best Cocktail Bars of the South.
  • Spilling over: From Southern classics to signature tastes, Undercroft offers a plethora of cocktails. It certainly adds a unique twist on the historic feel of the church it is located within.

Read more about the other Best Cocktail Bars of the South HERE.

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