NWA Daily's Brunch Guide in Northwest Arkansas

By NWA Daily | Published March 25

Here's to all the breakfast and brunch lovers out there. We've compiled a list of our favorite places for morning dining here in NWA. Go explore and start your days by eating some great food!


Buttered Biscuit

📍1403 SE Moberly Ln

📍1001 SW Regional Airport Blvd

📍1210 J.T.L Pkwy

📍1754 N. College Ave

Photo Courtesy of Buttered Biscuit

The Buttered Biscuit is quickly becoming an NWA favorite with 4 locations; 2 in Bentonville, 1 in Fayetteville, 1 in Springdale. At The Buttered Biscuit, you will always get an honest breakfast with quality ingredients. There’s a menu compatible for those with dietary restrictions as well, so the whole community can taste The Buttered Biscuit's unique flavors. 

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📍1440 W Sunset Ave

Photo Courtesy of Susan's

Susan’s is known for being “World Famous Here Locally.” The restaurant is over 25 years old and has been serving great home-style meals since day 1. Breakfast is served from 6a-2p seven days a week. You’re sure to feel welcomed and part of the family at Susan’s.  

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Bites & Bowls

📍1602 E Robinson Ave

Photo Courtesy of Bites and Bowls

Bites & Bowls is a small, family-owned eatery that provides energizing meals. The breakfast and brunch menus feature yogurt bowls, smoothie bowls, oatmeal, an array of practically gourmet waffle options, and more. If you’re looking for something more hearty, give the “Wake Up!” a try. It’s a waffle made of hash browns, eggs, and more delicious ingredients. 

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Big Sexy Food (Sundays)

📍107 E Emma Ave

Photo Courtesy of Big Sexy Food

The philosophy here is life is too short for ugly food, so make it sexy. Big Sexy Food located on Emma in downtown Springdale offers Sunday Brunch from 10-3p. You’ll want to try the BOB’s (Big ‘ol Biscuits) for just $3. But you can’t go wrong with a menu that has 3-egg omelets and breakfast burgers on it. 

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 Hail Fellow Well Met

📍 5519 W. Hackett Rd

Photo Courtesy of Hail Fellow Well Met

Hail Fellow Well Met is Onyx’s first cafe location offering specialty food in a neighborhood cafe style. For breakfast or brunch, you can enjoy an array of baked items, egg and avocado toast offerings, yogurt meals, and more. Plus, you’ll walk into the cafe on Johnson’s up-and-coming main strip and feel like you’re in the movies. Go check it out. 

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 Little Bread Company

📍116 N Block Ave

Photo Courtesy of Little Bread Company

The Little Bread Company is a Fayetteville staple where a sizable variety of items are made from scratch every day. The staff strives to build community with their customers by calling them by name. The breakfast menu consists of 8 breakfast sandwiches all served with breakfast potatoes. The chocolate croissant is a MUST! After breakfast take a walk to the Fayetteville Square.

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Stone Mill Bread Co. 

📍2600 N Gregg Ave.

📍4101 W Sunset Ave

📍2903 S. Walton Blvd

Photo Courtesy of Stone Mill Bread Co.

The people behind Stone Mill Bread Co. have combined what they think are the best ingredients for Stone Mill’s special flavored breads used in almost all the menu items. Have a breakfast sandwich, french toast, kolaches, biscuits, scones, and more for your flavorful first meal of the day. The Stone Mill team will also make bread with your choice of ingredient combinations! Cant make it to the OG Fayetteville location? There are locations in Bentonville and Springdale as well.

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 Southern Food Co

📍3575 W Weddington Dr

Photo courtesy of Southern Food Co.

Southern Food Co. has breakfast Tues-Sun and Brunch on the weekends. The flavors here are all a delight and are dubbed as being Nouveau Southern Cuisine. The dishes come from a mix of regional southern home-style experiences and are dashed with a cajun flare with healthy alternatives to bring out the utmost flavorful experience. We recommend the Pork Huevos Rancheros if you make it out on a weekend. 

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Prelude Breakfast Bar

📍509 W Spring St.

Photo Courtesy of Prelude

Just off Dickson Street, Prelude Breakfast Bar has earned its spot as a staple for the patrons of downtown Fayetteville. Ranging from a variety of scrumptious pancakes to a flavorful and filling meal, Prelude’s menu offers plenty of alluring options to keep their customers coming back to try the next item on the menu, no matter what their preferences.


Ella's Table

📍465 Arkansas Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72701

Photo Courtesy of NWA Daily

Ella's Table at Carnall Hall, located on the U of A campus near Dickson and the Fayetteville Square, is a great spot for a weekend brunch. With a new menu and a talented chef hailing from Southern California, they offer modern American favorites with a creative twist. Their brunch menu includes a variety of breakfast and lunch options, such as the chicken sandwich, the highly recommended eggs benedict, and options on the sweet side such as Pancakes and French Toast

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East Side Grill (Weekend)

📍1838 N Crossover Rd

Photo Courtesy of East Side Grill

East Side Grill is one of the best-rated locations for brunch in Fayetteville with its bar offering killer cocktails for the morning side of the day. There is a “build-your-own” Bloody Mary on the menu as well as other brunch booze concoctions. We highly recommend getting the Country Fries for the table as they come fully loaded with crispy bacon, cheese, country gravy, & a fried egg. 

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Rolling Pin Cafe

📍2565 E Huntsville Rd.

Photo Courtesy of Rolling Pin Cafe

Open from 6a-2p Tues-Sun, the Rolling Pin Cafe is perfect for all you early birds and late risers out there who want a classic breakfast or brunch made from scratch. The environment is homey and is a great spot for a big group meeting for a morning meal. With our mouths watering, we recommend the cinnamon rolls. 


Arsaga’s Mill District

📍481 S School Ave.

Photo Courtesy of Arsaga's

Approaching each customer with love and care, Arsaga’s has been offering heartwarming service to the city of Fayetteville for 30 years. Arsaga’s Mill District location provides a brunch experience with obvious attention to detail, from the craft of their coffee to the ingredients in each menu item and even the visual design of the restaurant itself. Customers are invited to drink it all in and cherish every little thing. This is one of our go-to locations in NWA.

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Farmer's Table

📍1079 S School Ave

Photo Courtesy of Farmer's Table

Located in south Fayetteville in an old home, Farmer's Table has a mindfulness and a passion for sustaining the community are easy to see in what’s on the menu. This award-winning brunch spot sources all of its products locally and operates as a zero waste kitchen with organic ingredients and no GMOs. Though every item on the menu is uniquely tempting, we highly recommend trying their incredible sweet potato pancakes.

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 Margaret Juan Rose

📍704 S Washington Ave

Photo Courtesy of Margaret Juan Rose

Locally sourced, reasonably priced, easy to learn menu, on wheels? Yep! Margaret Juan Rose offers all their standard meals for $9.50 (plus tax) with add-ons you can choose to spice up your brunch! This is a great place to bring all your furry friends! Keep an eye out for Margaret Juan Rose at your next local festival.

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 Rick’s Iron Skillet

📍1131 S School Ave.

Photo Courtesy of Rick's Iron Skillet

Rick's Iron Skillet has been a breakfast and brunch staple of the NWA community for over 25 years with a very local customer base. Ricks will gladly serve you breakfast any time of day because let’s face it, breakfast is too good to happen only once a day! Try their classic omelet options next time you’re there! Come with an empty stomach and enjoy the southern style, home cooked meal.


 Emelia's Kitchen (Weekend)

📍309 W Dickson St

Photo Courtesy of Emelia's Kitchen

Emelia’s Kitchen is a quaint Mediterranean kitchen and bar located on Dickson Street, easily accessible while on a Saturday or Sunday morning stroll. This might be the most overlooked and underrated breakfast spot in Fayetteville. If you’re looking for a finer breakfast or brunch, perhaps for a special occasion, this is the place for you. 

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 Mockingbird Kitchen (Weekend)

📍1466 N College Ave.

Photo Courtesy of Mockingbird Kitchen

Stop at the Mockingbird Kitchen for some Modern Ozark Cuisine to start your day. Brunch is served on Saturday and Sunday from 10-2p. The kitchen has vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options prepared with local and seasonal ingredients, so there’s something delicious and well made for everyone. 

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 Cafe Ru Orleans (Sunday Brunch)

📍1150 N College Ave.

Photo Courtesy of Cafe Ru Orleans

Cafe Ru Orleans has been voted Best Brunch in NWA since 2004, and it’s no surprise why. The cafe serves Sunday brunch 10-2p with all the best parts of its New Orleans style cooking. Each brunch special comes with seasonal fruit and a choice of grits or jazzy potatoes. Popular items are the Creole Omelete, Shrimp & Grits, and the French Toast. 

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The Fat Chef

📍14550 AR-12

Photo Courtesy of The Fat Chef

Nestled just east of Rogers in Prairie Creek, The Fat Chef is the spot if you’re looking for that classic “mom & pop” feel with a gourmet finish. The home cooking makes for an easy morning and sets you up perfectly for an afternoon nap. For you meat lovers the Mississippi Pork is a must.


Sam’s Olde Tyme Hamburgers

📍223 E Locust St.

📍574 E Centerton Blvd.

Photo Courtesy of Sam's Old Tyme Hamburgers

Open seven days a week, Sam’s Olde Tyme Hamburgers has your brunch needs covered. If you can make it to either of their two locations, make sure to check out their daily brunch specials, and if you get a chance try the JB Toaster Sandwich!


Wesner’s Grill

📍117 W Chestnut St.

Photo Courtesy of Wesner's Grill

If you’re looking for your new favorite omelet place, look no further than Wesner’s Grill they have all the classics ready to go! The Downtowner is a fan favorite that everyone needs to try, check them out next time you’re in Rogers.


Mirabella's Table (Weekend)

📍4200 S 48th St

Photo Courtesy of Mirabella's Table

Mirabella's is sister to Tavola Trattoria and Table Mesa Bistro, so you know it’s lush with yummy delights for your weekend brunch excursion. There are options for everyone to enjoy from granola and yogurt to biscuits and gravy to Bella’s brunch pizza. Everything on the menu is available to order online and pick up to take away if you’d like as well. It is located off Exit 82 in Rogers. 

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 The Hive

📍200 NE A St

Photo Courtesy of The Hive

Located inside the award-winning 21c Hotel Museum, The Hive prides itself on creativity and innovation, showcasing some of Arkansas’ classic culinary features in new and exciting ways. Try the Fried Chicken and Bubbles combo (chicken & biscuits with your choice of 3 fruit juices to add to bubbly wine) or something more traditional like the French toast entree.

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📍2205 SW I St.

Photo Courtesy of Louise

Named after Iris Louise McPhetridge Thaden, one of the greatest aviatrixes of all time, Louise Thaden serves phenomenal fresh food with incredible views of the airfield. Bring the kids for a fun morning watching the planes take off and land, or bring a book and hang out while you try the OZ1 Omelet!

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Table Mesa (Weekend)

📍110 East W Central Ave.

Photo Courtesy of Table Mesa

After you’ve done your farmer’s market shopping, pop into Table Mesa for what might become your favorite brunch place in Bentonville! If you’re looking for a unique experience for a special occasion or just a classy morning adventure, Table Mesa’s Sunday brunch might be right up your alley. Brunch starts at 8a and ends at 11a.

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Crepes Paulette

📍100 SW 8th St.

Photo Courtesy of Crepes Paulette

If you’re looking for something new and handheld for brunch, check out the la Classic or the la Spinach crêpes from Crêpes Paulette, or if you’re looking for something sweeter for brunch try the fan-favorite Nutella and banana crêpe! A crêpe in one hand, mimosa in the other, soaking in the sunshine, can a morning get any better?

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 Pressroom (Weekend)

📍100 NW 2nd St.

Photo Courtesy of Pressroom

Don’t miss out on Pressroom’s weekend brunch specials, packed with options for those wanting to lean towards the breakfast side or the lunch side of brunch with fantastic shareable plates to bring the table together. Relax into Pressroom’s atmosphere and bring the whole table together this weekend.

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Other areas around NWA


📍638 W Lancashire Blvd.

Photo Courtesy of Duffer's

Now included in Bella Vista’s top 10 restaurants, Duffer’s eggs Benedict will not leave you wanting. Duffer’s is the perfect place for breakfast, especially if you enjoy the game of golf, and their brunch specials have been a favorite of Bella Vista since 1996. If you are looking for a quaint cafe with a whimsical atmosphere, look no further than Duffer’s


Mudstreet Cafe

📍22 S Main St. G

Photo Courtesy of Mudstreet Cafe

Located in Eureka Springs’ famous “Underground”, Mudstreet Cafe has been winning awards since 1997 for its fresh food and desserts. Mudstreet Cafe serves its famous breakfast all day, with specialty food items available for take-out or dine-in. Join them for Sunday brunch and your favorite specialty coffee.


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