NWA Daily's Guide to Brunch in Springdale, AR

By NWA Daily | Published January 4

Looking for a delicious brunch spot in Springdale? Look no further! From classic diners to light treats, Springdale has a variety of options to choose from. Start your morning off right at Buttered Biscuit, known for their quality ingredients and unique flavors. Enjoy a home-style meal at Susan’s, a local favorite for over 25 years. Take a break from traditional breakfast options and try a yogurt or smoothie bowl at Bites & Bowls, or indulge in a "Big 'ol Biscuit" at Big Sexy Food on Sundays. And for a unique experience, check out the specialty foods at Hail Fellow Well Met, located on Johnson's up-and-coming main strip. Whatever you're craving, Springdale has a brunch spot for you!


From classic diners to light treats, there is an array of brunch options available in Springdale, AR.

Buttered Biscuit

📍1403 SE Moberly Ln

📍1001 SW Regional Airport Blvd

📍1210 J.T.L Pkwy

📍1754 N. College Ave

Photo Courtesy of Buttered Biscuit

The Buttered Biscuit is quickly becoming an NWA favorite with 4 locations; 2 in Bentonville, 1 in Fayetteville, 1 in Springdale. At The Buttered Biscuit, you will always get an honest breakfast with quality ingredients. There’s a menu compatible for those with dietary restrictions as well, so the whole community can taste The Buttered Biscuit's unique flavors. 

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📍1440 W Sunset Ave

Photo Courtesy of Susan's

Susan’s is known for being “World Famous Here Locally.” The restaurant is over 25 years old and has been serving great home-style meals since day 1. Breakfast is served from 6a-2p seven days a week. You’re sure to feel welcomed and part of the family at Susan’s.  

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Bites & Bowls

📍1602 E Robinson Ave

Photo Courtesy of Bites and Bowls

Bites & Bowls is a small, family-owned eatery that provides energizing meals. The breakfast and brunch menus feature yogurt bowls, smoothie bowls, oatmeal, an array of practically gourmet waffle options, and more. If you’re looking for something more hearty, give the “Wake Up!” a try. It’s a waffle made of hash browns, eggs, and more delicious ingredients. 

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Big Sexy Food (Sundays)

📍107 E Emma Ave

Photo Courtesy of Big Sexy Food

The philosophy here is life is too short for ugly food, so make it sexy. Big Sexy Food located on Emma in downtown Springdale offers Sunday Brunch from 10-3p. You’ll want to try the BOB’s (Big ‘ol Biscuits) for just $3. But you can’t go wrong with a menu that has 3-egg omelets and breakfast burgers on it. 

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 Hail Fellow Well Met

📍 5519 W. Hackett Rd

Photo Courtesy of Hail Fellow Well Met

Hail Fellow Well Met is Onyx’s first cafe location offering specialty food in a neighborhood cafe style. For breakfast or brunch, you can enjoy an array of baked items, egg and avocado toast offerings, yogurt meals, and more. Plus, you’ll walk into the cafe on Johnson’s up-and-coming main strip and feel like you’re in the movies. Go check it out. 

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Springdale, Arkansas offers a diverse array of brunch options to suit any taste. Whether you're looking for classic home-style meals, energizing bowls and smoothies, or a unique brunch experience, there's something for everyone. From the world-famous Susan's to the trendy Big Sexy Food, these restaurants are sure to please. So, gather your friends and family and head out to explore the delicious brunch options in Springdale.

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