B-Unlimited - Sales Team - Regional Sales Manager


We’re so glad you’re interested in joining our team. Here are some things you should know about any full-time position within our company:

Our Culture (aka expectations) - B-Unlimited team members should possess:

  • Strong Work Ethic - We get shirts done. We’re the largest capacity producer in the state of Arkansas, and we have unparalleled turnaround time and customer satisfaction. That’s because we all work hard, all the time. Well, except for when it’s play time!
  • Attention to Detail - Every step of the printing process requires scrutinizing attention to detail. The smallest oversights result in really expensive corrections, so we need team members who aim to get it right the first time.
  • Strong Communication Skills - Unlike most printing companies, we house sales, art, production, and shipping all in one space. Every print job is a collaboration between all of these departments, and we use Slack, Pipedrive, walkie talkies, e-mail, text, and good old fashioned words to get things done. Clear, kind, and quick communication is a must.
  • Collaborative Propensity - Everything that we create is the product of collaboration. Teamwork is a must, and our team is built of people who are both dependable and adaptable, humble yet take pride in their work, and take initiative while being understanding.

The Regional Sales Manager (Custom Apparel Sales) position includes the following responsibilities: 

  • Build new territories with a primary focus on recruiting new customers
  • Identify sales leads and follow up with new business opportunities 
  • Building and maintaining successful relationships with prospects and existing customers
  • Meet with customers to create new design ideas and plan semester-long orders for events
  • Travel to meet with customers at other campuses
  • Maximize business reach and potential 
  • Customer service and customer retention
  • Oversee and work as a team with other staff on all orders from beginning to end, which includes all steps between the initial design idea and the final delivery of the product
  • Serve as a liaison between the customer and the art and production departments
  • Quick to respond - efficient and timely
  • Communicate in an organized, clear, and concise manner via email and phone to effectively curate and maintain customer relationships
  • Cost analysis and pricing on each order
  • Manage sales of online products by loading jobs on e-commerce website
  • Monitor and report the success of each customer account