2045 Transportation Plan Approved

March 27, 2021


2045 Transportation Plan Approved

NWA Daily

On Wednesday (March 24), the Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission approved unanimously a plan for how people will travel around the region for the next 25 years.

  • The plan includes 25 years worth of projects, including "completing the U.S. 412 Northern Bypass, an access road to the Northwest Arkansas National Airport and turning Arkansas 112 into a major north/south corridor." NWA Democrat Gazette

  • Who is paying for this? Any project requiring federal money has to be part of the plan. "The region is expected to receive about $2 billion in state and federal money, adjusted for inflation, for transportation projects over the next 25 years," according to Regional Planning.

Proposed Transit Map

Proposed Trails Map

Proposed Road Map

The Arkansas Economic Development Institute estimates that by 2045, 1 million people will call NWA home.

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