The Path that Connects Us All

July 14, 2021

Outdoor Activities

The Path that Connects Us All

NWA Daily

What now spans almost 40 miles from Kessler Mountain Park to beyond Lake Bella Vista, the Razorback Regional Greenway has stitched the communities of Northwest Arkansas in an active way.

  • Background: Dedicated back in May of 2015, the hard surface multi-use trail has been successful beyond expectations. In 2017 a study found that weekday volume averaged 353 with weekend numbers hitting 539. Each activity increasing almost three fold since the trail opened.
  • Southern hospitality: Serving the community well, the greenway strategically passes through multiple attractions along its 40 mile journey. Just to name a few, U of A campus, JB Hunt, WMT, and Tyson, 3 hospitals, multiple parks and playgrounds, 23 schools, and nearly every downtown.

Find your way and make your own adventure, HERE.

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