A Great Stay-cation

August 11, 2021

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A Great Stay-cation

NWA Daily

Bentonville is home to great food, art, coffee, and culture, so it's no surprise it landed on City Lifestyle Magazine's radar as a great weekend getaway destination!

  • The itinerary: City Lifestyle out of Kansas City made its way down to Bentonville recently, compiling a list of a few places that make Bentonville, well...Bentonville. From CBMAA to breweries to hotels and more, a weekend spent like this would be unforgettable and full of fun for the whole family.
  • Sharing secrets: NWA is becoming a must-stop location on road trips and bucket lists nationwide, described as the "silent assassin of a U.S. cultural town."

If you ever needed recommendations of places or things to do in Bentonville, you can find them HERE.

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