A New Meaning to Cycle Bar

March 4, 2021


A New Meaning to Cycle Bar

Pedal Pub Miami

Last night Fayetteville City Council approved what would be one of the first pedal taverns in the region. Pedal Pub, found in mostly larger cities, has expressed an interest in expanding to Fayetteville and was approved.

  • According to twitter, the City Council approved two carriages for operation with the possibility to expand to upwards of 10 in total.
  • So, what are these things? Founded in 2007, Pedal Pub is now in more than 50 markets. The idea is from a Netherland style past time - beer and biking. You gather a group of friends (or strangers), and hop on the bike for an afternoon cruise around town while drinking some cold refreshments.
  • No word yet on when these things will be cruising around town, but we will be sure to keep you posted. In the meantime, you can discover more about the company HERE. You can view the full City Council agenda HERE.

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